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Loving Cousin Sister

Loving Cousin Sister

Hello! Readers
First of all
let me introduce myself I AM sunny 20/male from India I'm going to
share my experience the very first one that I had with my loving, sexy,
romantic cousin. She had a or marvelous figure of 32, 25, 34 with lovely
round and hard boobs. The incidence happened about one years back whe! n
I was 19 years old and she was 17. she had completed her high school and
had got admission in eleventh as my uncle and a Aunty live in sub-and
they are not having intercollege their so she had to take admission here
in Lucknow so she was staying at our place. We had a family of five
people and she joined us we were six people in the house which
include my mom and dad me and my sister shanu and my younger brother.

It was Holi time and there were all the preparations going on
all four of us were sitting on the MAT and we had put blanket on our
feets as it was a bit cold and we were making preparations for the next
day which was Holi, suddenly somebody starts tickling on my soles I
suddenly looked up but I could not detect as to who was doing this
to me as being the eldest and very strict among them I don't think they
can do this thing to me but I could not make out as to go was trying it so
I inserted my hand in the blanket to see I was really shocked when I
touched her feet as she closed her eyes and put her hand on her chest it
took off my hand and folded my legs after about 15 minutes I went to
my room saying that I am going to sleep. After about 15 to 20
minutes somebody open the door of my door came in a was not suspecting her
to be but it was shanu! She was wearing a white T-shirt and black
colored sk! irt and in that she was looking really pretty the shirt was
really tight and is able to hold those two lovely melons in side as due to
the pressure of the shirt they were bulging out of the neck line of
the T-shirt she was looking really sexy at that time she came to my
bed and sat beside me I could not understand as to why she had come
to my room but suddenly she put her hand on my shoulder and asked me

"can I come in your bed I am really tired and There are many persons in
my room and I could not sleep"

I said "OK get in". For about 2 to 3 minutes she laid their quietly but
after some time she turned towards me put in her hand across me and whispered
in my ear" I'm feeling really very cold can you heat me" at that time her
left boob was pressing against my chest and it was feeling really very
great I was a bit excited and said Why not I'll heat u saying that I put
my hand across her and hugged her now her face was just opposite to me
and i put my lips on her lips and kissed her she closed her eyes and
slightly opened her lips that was much exciting for me I started French
kissing her now my tongue was exploring the whole interior of her mouth
and was sucking her tongue and lips our saliva was mixing and we were
sucking each other , I slightly move my hand and put it on her left boob
and slightly pressed it, our kissing was going more vigorous and my
hand was also messaging her breast then move my hand towards a right
one and as she was lying with the close to me my hand was not able
to explore her properly.

seeing this she made a room for me and my hand was comfortably home I
started messaging both of the globe the were really hard and a was enjoying !
each and every one of them messaging them I started moving up her T-shirt and
then my hands it reached at two melons which were covered with a fancy bra
had I took off her shirt and started kissing those to a lovely globes
half of them were opting out of the bra and almost her areola was
peeping out of the cover and it was Pinkish her nipples were getting hard
and were erect I pinched them from above the bra I slowly move my hand
to words have back and opened the hook and has the cover got loose
those globes pooped I took her right nipple in my mouth and a start
sucking it and messaging a left one she started moaning" oh please suck it,
drink my milk I'll feed u my thirsty boy"

with this I got much excited and started sucking her more
vigorously than I a started exploring her body and started going
down words and kissed her navel area she moved her tummy up words and that was
really exciting I un hooked her skirt and pulled it out she was
wearing a black colored and net panty have smell was coming out of the net at
put my lips on her pussy and kissed it she held me by my hair and pushed
me to words her cunt I held the elastic of her panty with my teeth and
pulled it out in pulling it she helped me and raised her back so that
i can peal it off easily. In minutes her panty was off and she was
lying all naked in front of me.

I started kissing and licking her cunt as she was getting wet
and her love juice was flowing out of I started eating it was a
really very nice it was a bit salty the smell of her pussy was it in my
nose and I was really a going mad at it so was the she getting impatient
I ask her to take off my clothes and the she responded to it very
quickly she jumped off the bed and started un button the shirt
within seconds I was only in my underwear with my erect penis making a huge
tent with my underwear she slowly took of my underwear away and as my
dick got free it struck a right on, cheek and was rubbing against her
nose she kissed at my glance and then i said he to suck it and she obeyed
my command and took my glance in her mouth and it was ooooooohhhhhh
mmmmmmmm a! aaaahhhhh rrrrrrealllly heavenly pleasure pressed my
Lund in her mouth now half of it was in her mouth and she was sucking it my
balls were regularly hitting her chin.

then i took of my cock from her mouth as now i was in the mood
to have the real thing and does not want to waist my precious siemens
i want to put all of them inside her,

i took her in my arms and laid her in the bed she was my
queen of the night lying naked in my bed waiting for my huge Lund
(6.5'long and 1.5'' thick) her chut(pussy)was sweating i jumped on her and
started pressing her boobs violently as if i was mashing them she
was moaning badly and painfully sssaid please dada press them slowly
dard hota hai,i was getting mad with my desires burning in my head i was
going out of control and was kissing all over her body .

i went down to her belly which was trembling with excitement i
kissed her navel and going through the jungle of curled pubic hairs
my lips reached the destination her love hole was flooding with her
water i started sucking its he was going mad as her body was shivering and
twisting and my room was full of her love song of mmmmmmmmhhhh
pllllleassse aaaaaaahhhhhhh oooohhhhhh mmyyyy gggggoooooood suuuuuck
it I'm all yours eeeaat my chut dada please fuck mme mmmmmm i am dying dada
aaaahhhha chodo mughe please ab bardasht nahin hota hai
aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhmmmmmmhhhhnahin karo na ab daol bhi main mar jaungi
with all these sounds i was getting mad and my penis was rock hard and burning
all the fire of the world and was ready to tear shanu's pussy i sat
between her thig! hs and started rubbing my Lund on her labia(lips of her
love hole)with this she burnt more violently and shouted at me " dada!!
don't rub ramme it in fuck me i love uoooommmmmmmmaa aaaaaahhh i am
not your sister i am your wife your slave make me woman it was
enough i was also not able to hold more so i put the burning glance
(supada)on her pussy and pushed it as the cunt was very wet and well
lubricated with her juices and my saliva my glance was in her with
the very first stroke then i gave a real hard stroke and with it almost 6''
was inside and she cried aaaaaeeeeee itttttssssss dada nikalo meri phat
gai hai hatao please i put my lips on her lips and started kissin! g
her with it she got the required time and after 2-3 min. she was in the
moodi started stroking her pussy now my lund was getting in and out
with a rhythm and a sweet love sound started coming from the union
of lund and chut of pppppuuuchch ooocccchhh pppccchhhh gradually my
speed was going up and i started working like a bull i was fucking her
like a bull and she was fully cooperating with me she was matching stroke
for stroke suddenly she ccried ''i am m mmmm cummmingg '" i increased my
pace an suddenly we both busted our loads together in her pussy.
her pussy was flooding with the mixture of juices we kissed each
other and hugged her tightly she got up and kissed my cock and went in the
bath room i followed her and we took bath together dried each other
had our clothes and said good night with a ! loving kiss.

That night changed our relations and since then we had regular
sex for 6 years after that she got married so i thought that it over now
but my luck was not that bad, her hubby was having some trouble with
his weapon and could not satisfy her desire. She came back to me and
now us r again having sex. She is having a son from me he is 3 now and
recently she is four month pregnant.

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