Saturday, July 12, 2008

Real Sister Part -3

Advantures of elder sister 3

"I feel so wicked," she went on, her hands still running up and down
his cock. "I feel like my brother's whore, willing to do anything he
wishes - anything. True bhaiya...i will do anything for you"

Her tongue flicked over her lips, an invitation for him to ask for
her mouth. It was a hard offer to turn down, but his loins were
consumed with need for this woman. He realized that if she pressed
her lips to his cock crown he might just lose the fiery load burning
in his testicles. And at this moment, that was the last thing she
needed and also he!

What she did need was to feel a man's cock shoved up her cunt. She
needed a man, a man to fuck her.

"Fuck me, janu" he said. "I want my sister to fuck me."

"Yes, bhaiya" she said, smiling widely. "Yes!"

Her thighs spread, opening her body to him. With one last squeeze,
she relinquished her hold on his prick.

Slowly, he lowered himself atop the titillating bed of her naked
body. Their mouths met once again, their tongues taunting and
probing. Their hands were moving, trying to feel every inch of their
bodies all at once.

Beneath him, she squirmed a bit. Her pelvis lifted and his glans
nestled in the moist slit of her cunt. He eased forward separating
the plump lips of her outer labia. He felt her tense, her
anticipation growing.

Moving with slow-motion speed, he inched his throbbing wand of lust
into her body. Deeper the swollen shaft slithered. His lust-engorged
cock crown touched, then splayed the scalloped inner lips of her cunt.

He was within her now. The hot liquid shelter of her pussy surrounded
him, bathing each inch of cock he fed into her hungry body. She felt
so good, so hot, so tight. To just lie there atop her luxurious body,
to feel the glove-like tightness of her pussy sheathing his cock
would have been enough.

Enough for him - but not for her. She needed all the pleasure and
release his body could provide. And that's exactly what he intended
to give her.

Abruptly, his hips jerked back. His prick sluiced upward, posing at
the entrance to her love channel. He paused a moment, then drove
down. Long and hard, his piston of pleasure burrowed into the folds
of her steaming pussy.

"Sweet bhaiya!" She groaned under him. "You're so big! So wonderfully
big! I never imagined it would be like this, never in my wildest

Her words hit him like an electric jolt. Sizzling sexual energy
coursed through his groin. His pelvis lurched up and swung down. He
ground into her crotch, making sure her stiffened clit felt the full
impact of his body.

He felt her cunt squeeze around him, sleeving his prick in the humid
recesses of her core. She was tight, so damn tight. It was marvelous.
At another time, he would have liked to just lie there letting her
milk his rod with the magnificent power of her vaginal muscles. But
that would have to be another time. Now he was fucking her, and he
was doing his best to make sure it was an experience she would not
soon forget.

While he drove his prick in and out of the envelope of her cunt, he
swung around a bit atop, just enough for his mouth to cover one of
the mounds of her tits. Then he sucked. He sucked hard, his tongue
slashing across the top of her stiff nipple like a moist little whip.

Her moans deepened, filled with gratification and soaring lust. She
writhed under him, her hips bucking up to meet each thrust of his
crotch. Her pussy squeezed at him, sucking along his slicked length.

She tucked him with unabandoned desire. Her hunger for the pleasures
of a man drove her on at a fervent pace. The harder and deeper he
shafted into the heated hole of her pussy, the more she wanted him,
begged for him. To allow such a passionate woman to suffer as she had
with her husband was a sin, he thought. The man had to be insane.

Suddenly he found himself groaning around a mouthful of delicious
titflesh. Janu wedged a hand between their sweat-drenched cores and
toyed with his testicles. Her fingers lightly kneaded the two heavy
balls, teasing him.

His response was an even harder-plunging cock. He reamed in and out
of her fleshy sheath. His hips twisted and ground into her pelvis. He
hunched, throwing his full weight behind each of his deep-probing

"Close, close" she managed to moan in between his slicing
thrusts. "Close!"

Immediately, he upped the tempo of his relentless fucking. Her
nearness to climax and his own burning need whipped him on. He threw
himself into her, trying to slam the head of his prick against the
ring of her cervix. But it seemed an impossible task. The deeper he
poled, the more her body seemed to open up and accept him.

Faster and faster his cock ramrodded into the juicy slit of her
snatch. Harder and harder, he drove the mighty spear of his lust into
the mouth of her belly. She groaned continuously now. She squeezed at
his balls, creating a fantastic mixture of ache and pleasure.

In and out, the knifing length of his pulsating prick skewered the
juice-flooded hole of her cunt. On and on, she welcomed each probing
thrust of his sex.

Her body was packed with him. His fat, swollen presence dominated her
life. At that moment, she existed for him and him alone. Her body was
no more than a vessel for her new found brother's cock. And she loved
it, loved every hard, throbbing inch he shoved deeply into the greedy
slash of her pussy.

It seemed like years since a man had entered her body. Now all the
mounting frustrations she had felt during her marriage to her husband
seemed to shatter and explode away. This, the feel of a man rooted so
deeply in her cunt, was what she had yearned for. This, the pulsing
hardness of a fat prick, was what she had ached and prayed for.

And now, now that her prayer had been answered, she realized she
could never live without it again. She was a woman, not some doll to
be used, but a woman who felt and had needs. And those needs and
desires needed a man to satisfy them. Her husband could never be such
a man.

Inward his cock rammed, filling her body. She moaned in unabandoned
relish, savoring the feel of his skewering rod. She
squeezed down on his thickness, trying to hold him deeply within the
trembling channel of her pussy.

Out the pulsating shaft slithered, evacuating the edacious mouth of
her belly. She quivered and trembled. She felt each swollen inch as
it withdrew. Then downward his pelvis swung, once again slamming the
rigid length of his prick into her juice-filled cunt.

Higher and higher she soared with every pounding stroke of his
magnificent piston. Her thighs glowed with expanding heat, warmth
generated from the constant ramrodding of her cunt. Hotter and hotter
she burned, consumed by the flames of lust and love for her new found

Outward the glow spread, swirling to meet the desires of her body.
Closer and closer the fiery heat came. Then it was there flaring
within the very core of her pussy. She groaned out loud and long,
surrendering herself to the explosive force of her climax.

Beneath him, her body quivered in tremors of pleasure, tremors that
rapidly became full-fledged flesh quakes. Her fingernails dug deeply
into his back raking down toward his pumping buttocks. The wet sheath
of her cunt contracted around the stiff staff of his prick, sucking
at his length in the moment of her ecstasy.

Her carnal desires satisfied, he then allowed the boiling pressure of
his loins to spew forth. He came, blasting spurt after hot spurt of
sperm and semen into the tremulous socket of her sex.

Thick, white cream fountained from the slitted mouth of his cock,
scalding over the hyper-sensitive surface of his glans. Jet upon jet
of his seed splattered over the pink folds of her love hole. He
drenched her, covering every inch of her greedy pussy with his

Seemingly, he emptied at least a gallon or two of his seminal
reserves into her before his throbbing prick at last subsided and the
flood of his climax ceased. Gratefully, he just laid atop her still
trembling body, savoring the complete satisfaction of their

When at last he rolled from her sated body, she nestled into the
hollow of his shoulder clinging tightly to him. He held her, enjoying
the warmth of her body suffusing along his side. He held her until he
felt her breathing soften to the shallow breaths of sleep. Man and
woman, brother and sister, they both remained motionless untl sindhu
entered into the room.

As soon as janu saw sindhu coming inside, she felt horrified. All the
while she almost forgot that she is also in the house and tried to
grab the saree. But mehta didnt move, he is too tired and moreover he
knows he dont have to, knowing sindhu well. Sindhu stopped janu and
kissed her fully on the lips, and held her like a baby.

"So, did u like my birth day present, dear sis..?" she was teasing
janu, and as expected janu she flushed deeply and grabbed the saree
and ran into the bathroom.

When sis finished narrating that day's happenings my small cock has
come to life! And I held her more tightly not knowing what to do. She
was also going wild with her recollection and started rubbing her
clit with her left hand and pulled my mouth to her left tit with her
right hand.

Before I even sucked on her nipple, she came with a big cry...and I
felt something happening strange in my pants and wetted it. I meekly
slided from her and within minutes lost into deep sleep...The next
day when I got up, I found that sis was already up. Last
night was my most memorable night...because some thing strage
happened...and for me it looked like experiencing an electric shock,
even though a pleasant one!

It should be around 6 am...and we always get up early in the morning,
our parents made it a habit for us. In another half n hour, I'm ready
and went to get my morning cup of Horlicks! The first
thing I saw when I entered kitchen was mom busy with washing last
night's dishes. She has bent a bit while doing that, and she is still
in her nighty. The jasmine flowers in her hair looked a bit always wants dad to buy her fresh jasmines, when he
comes back home in the evening. He never misses that, even if he was
late...and when she has them in her hair, some how I feel like her
beauty seems to increase manifold! But, for me the most lovable sight
is to see her in the morning with the jaded flowers in her hair and
doing the house chores in her nighty. Probably that's the reason for
me getting up early in the morning to catch a glimpse of that sight
in the morning!

When I was lost in admiring her early morning beauty, I didn't notice
when sis came into the kitchen. Sindhu straight away went to mom and
hugged her from the back, a bear hug it seemed. But I can explain
it...after all she loves mom the same way I do!

Mom gave a jerk and when she saw that it was her daughter, gave a
sigh and again concentrated on her job.

" know, right? Avi and my self want to go to Renu's marriage
and did you talk to dad about that?", with that sis gave a little
peck on her right cheek! While she was enquiring, I can see that
sindhu's hands were roaming all over mom's thighs and when they
landed on her gave a jerk and turned towards sindhu and
looked questioningly.

"Come on mom...! I was just checking whether you have changed the
nighty or still wearing the same from last night!" sindhu was smiling
mischievously! Mom was able to guess what she meant...because her
face turned beet root red...and she knows that her daughter was
referring to any marks on her nighty, after their love making!

"See I know that you have grown big! So, I have to really
think hard about what lalitha told me...", mom turned away and
resumed her job again.

"Mom...! what did lalitha aunty tell u...? I don't understand a bit",
sis was furious and I felt she blew up every thing, by her carrying
away with mom.

Later mom started talking. She told us what lalitha aunty told her
and it looked like even mom agreed with her. Basically that is same
old story! Sis is grown up now..and it will not be correct if mom
allows sis to go for tuition to his flat, let alone going to Renu's
marriage alone. Sindhu started fuming when she heard that. But, not
for long. I was surprised by her gaining her senses immediately! May
be that's the reason, why she is able to command all the men who came
to her!

She again hugged mom from the back and started kissing slowly on her
neck, ears...cheeks! Any mom will just melt when her big girl does
that, I thought. And that's what happened here.

" can you think about suresh uncle like that...He will be
surprised if he knows that. He will feel very bad for whatever he has
told about you!", sindhu slowly started moving her hands up and down
along mom's thighs! Now it's mom's turn to get surprised. While she
didn't stop what she was doing, she asked sis what she was talking
about. I can see that mom is clearly confused...probably thinking
what suresh has told about her!

"He always tells me...what a fine woman you are...and if at all he
wants to get married, he wants a woman like you! He some times tells
me that dad is lucky to get you as his wife!"

All the while sindhu was not idle, she started moving her hands
slowly and they are within the reach of cupping
mom's breasts! I was too excited...and at the same time, I was
frightened that it will be too much for mom to handle and she will
make hell lot of noice. But, mom got excited just like me...and she
didn't mind her daughter running her hands up and down...and tried to
kept her cool! But I can see that she is aroused by her thrusting her
back more towards sis!

"He says if he was married to you a woman like you, he will never go
to work...just sits at your...i mean his wife's feet...and treat her
like a queen!!"
That's it! Mom blushed a deep red, and looked very happy! I can
understand...when you have grown up children, and suddenly you know
that there's a secret young admirer for you, no woman will deny their
feelings and mom immediately turned around and kissed sis on her
cheeks and said she will talk to dad about our trip today!
We didn't know how days are passing by and the sunday came. I was
watching TV when sindhu called me into our room. I know that
something is going to happen. I have become so expert in the past few
days that when her voice shakes...I know that some thing's up!
Nisha is her class mate, and so are Anil and Rajesh. Anil is the son
of a wealthy men who donates huge amounts of funds to the school in
which they all study. So, naturally Anil enjoys a special attention
in the school and Rajesh is his best buddy. I don't know when and how
sindhu made friends with them, but now Anil wanted a help from sis.
To help him seducing Nisha!

If you want me to describe Nisha, it will be very difficult. What can
I say...? She is a complan girl! Yes...she tops the school year after
year in the studies and her face is so innocent, contrary to her
name. If Complan wants a pretty and cute model for a girl of 17, she
will beat every one hands down! That's for sure! She lives with her
divorced mom, who works in a top position in a private consulting
firm. Nisha and her mom came to our house once...and I must say that
her mom looks so beautiful and I just wondered what made her husband
to divorice her!

So, it's time for Nisha to leave a bit of her innocense! I believe in
sindhu's capabilities and I just can't imagine how Nisha will blush
when she has her first experience!

So, sindhu will be going to Nisha's house in the afternoon and will
be returning only late during the night. I'm becoming increasingly
frustrated now...this is the second time that she will be going
alone. But, there's no other way and I know one day will
come...when...I can't be denied these pleasures!
I was asleep when sis has returned and it should be close to 10
pm...when she woke me up. And here is what has happened........


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