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Sexy Party (Real) part 1

The Sexy Private Party

Part – I

The invitation arrived on Tuesday. At first Rakhi did not pay any attention, thinking it was another credit card offer. But just as the attractive young housewife was about to throw the envelope in the trash, something about it caught her attention -- there was no stamp. The expensive black envelope also had no return address; it simply was a glossy black envelope with an embossed gold label reading: 'Shri & Smt. Shekhar Gupta. . .Confidential'. Now curious, Rakhi carefully opened the thick flap and removed the heavy gold- embossed card. She turned it over looking for any signs of familiarity or recognition about the sender before she slowly read the cursive message:
'You have been recommended by a close, but anonymous, personal acquaintance to receive this invitation to attend a very exclusive private party. The occasion cannot be discussed at this time . . .except to assure you that any concern or reservation you may have about the legitimacy of this greeting is unwarranted. This is no gimmick or advertisement. Similarly, any and all expectations you might have about the evening will surely be exceeded. In many respects, this invitation represents the most intimate of opportunities for you as husband and wife. The party will be held the First Day of May at 8:00 p.m. sharp. Dress is semiformal. Due to the exclusive nature of this invitation, your immediate attention is critical. Please RSVP to the phone number below at your earliest
convenience. You will be given additional details at that time. I look forward to the pleasure of your company. Regards, Your Host' How mysterious, Rakhi thought. She turned the card over again a few times trying to find any clues about its origin, but there was nothing. Finally she sighed and put the invitation aside with the intention of discussing it with her husband when he arrived home from work. Bhushan and Rakhi Gupta enjoyed a typical, upper middle-class lifestyle in the suburbs. Both in their thirties, the couple was attractive and outgoing. Rakhi enjoyed her role as full-time homemaker and mother of two beautiful daughters. Bhushan's career as an investment advisor was just starting to take off. And while the family was not wealthy yet, they were certainly very comfortable in their handsome, upscale home in a quiet neighborhood with many families of similar background. The Guptas were friendly and fairly social; but since the girls came along, Bhushan and Rakhi remained at home with their kids more often than not -- only occasionally going out with a small circle of friends. . .or a rare husband and wife date. In fact, life had settled into a sort of vanilla-flavored routine without much variation. It's not something that Rakhi or Bhushan really noticed or even minded. But, every once-in-a-while, both entertained secret fleeting thoughts that perhaps it would be nice to spice things up a little. Even in the bedroom the relationship was normal and satisfactory for the married couple. They made love regularly -- usually on the weekends -- and they both shared devotion and affection for each other. There had never been any major problems or obstacles in the marriage, so there had never been any reason for either to consider infidelity. Still, if you were to ask Bhushan and Rakhi to be honest and direct, both would admit that something was missing in their lives -- something that neither of them could really identify or explain. "I have no clue what this is about," Bhushan said as he looked over the invitation that evening. "Probably some sales or real estate trap. . .or maybe one of those Amway things. But, no postmark or return address, huh? That's strange." "I know. . ." Rakhi agreed. "It was in the mailbox with the other mail, though. You think somebody hand-delivered it?"
"Probably. . .I dunno. What do you think? Guess it wouldn't hurt to at least call and find out what the deal is. I'd like to find out who sent it."
Rakhi had been thinking about the card on and off all day. The possibility that the invitation was legitimate had certainly crossed her mind; and, quite honestly, the idea was exciting. It had been ages since they'd attended a real party. An elegant, "exclusive" gathering they could dress up for might be just what the doctor ordered. "Sure, might as well see what it's about. . ." she finally said.
Bhushan dialed the number and a deep male voice immediately answered, "Yes. . .?"
"This is Bhushan Gupta . . .I received an invitation in my mailbox for a party, and. . ."
"Yes, of course Gupta ji," the voice cut him off. "Thank you for your quick response. We sincerely hope you and your wife do not have any conflicts that evening. May I confirm your attendance?"
"Hold up!" Bhushan shot back, slightly annoyed. "I have a few questions. What is all this about? Who are you and how did you get my name? You should know up front that we are not interested in any sales pitches or time-share opportunities . . ."
"I assure you, Gupta ji, that the festivities have absolutely nothing to do with sales or marketing. In fact, nothing will be required of you other than your presence. The pleasure of your company is all that is expected. This is a very exclusive party that you and your wife have been specifically recommended for and invited to attend. You should feel privileged. I'm confident you will thoroughly enjoy the evening."
"Who are you and who recommended us?" "I'm afraid that information is confidential, to protect the valued privacy of our guests. I can only say that it is someone you trust."
"I don't like surprises . . ." Bhushan said sharply. "This all sounds a little strange."
"I understand your anxiety, Gupta ji. Please understand that you have nothing to be concerned about. This will be a most enjoyable evening for both or you. . .perhaps the most unique and entertaining experience you will ever have. Now, may I confirm your reservation?"
"Hang on a sec. . ." Bhushan placed his hand over the mouthpiece and looked over at his wife who had been listening carefully to his side of the conversation. "He says it's all legit and that we'll have a great time. But he won't say who he is or why we were picked to go. I dunno. . .what do you think?" "Sounds kind of scary . . .but also sort of intriguing, you know? I guess we could always leave if it's bogus," Rakhi said thoughtfully. "What do we have to lose?" Bhushan considered it for a moment, then uncovered the phone. "Yeah, OK, we'll RSVP. But this better not be a put on. When is it again?" " First May at 8 p.m. And may I congratulate you both on your decision. Drinks and dinner will be served, followed by entertainment. Please be prompt. As the invitation suggests, the dress is semiformal. Do you have something to take down the location?"
"Ya wait. OK, tell me." "The address is 15 A, B. Mehta Road . Are you familiar with the area?" Bhushan immediately recognized a very affluent section of their community. He did have several acquaintances and clients who lived there. "All right, I know where that is." "Good. When you arrive, you will be asked for a password. This is simply to insure privacy and to prevent admittance to any uninvited guests. The password is 'Maharaja'. Please do not share the information -- the password or the address -- with anyone. Is this
completely understood and agreeable to you?" "Yes. . .I think so," Bhushan answered -- a million thoughts rushing in his head. He was still suspicious.
"Fine," said the voice. "You will be pleased you attended. You and your wife will have a wonderful experience. Again, we look forward to the pleasure of your company. Good evening." The line went dead.
Bhushan and Rakhi discussed the strange events for a long time. Bhushan was still fairly convinced that the whole thing was some kind of scam. While Rakhi shared her husband's hesitancy, she also allowed herself to privately think about the excitement of a lavish night out. It sounded fun and exotic, and she was already making plans to shop for a new outfit. Everyday life took over and the couple all but forgot about the party. Rakhi did manage to schedule a babysitter and slip out one day to buy a slinky cocktail dress and a few accessories. When the day finally arrived, the young housewife splurged on a full make over at an upscale spa and salon. She emerged feeling refreshed and pretty – her hair and makeup were styled to perfection and she felt exhilarated about the evening to come. Bhushan had been doing some half-hearted investigation about the party, trying to discover anything about who had sent the invitation or which of their friends had recommended them. But he was drawing a blank; nobody knew about it, and finally he resigned himself to the fact that he would just have to find out what was going on when he got there. Later that evening, Rakhi stood in front of a full-length mirror getting ready. She had picked up some new under things at Victoria's Secret -- a black satin thong-panty and bra set -- which she admired on her well curved body. Rakhi was indeed a beauty: 5'4" with jet black hair, cut to shoulder , with soft curls turned under at the ends to frame her pretty face. Tonight her hair was swept up behind her ears to her favorite antique comb clip, then cascading down in a fall past her slender neck to her shoulders. Her eyes were smouldering black and fiery. At 34, Rakhi kept herself in fantastic shape with lots of exercise and a sensible diet. She had fresh, soft features that made her face look much younger than her years -- almost girlish; yet her figure was alluring and womanly with high, firm breasts that strained against the encasement of the shiny bra. Her stomach was flat and tight, and her naturally olive skin glowed with an almost perpetual tan. Bhushan came into the bedroom from the shower and couldn't help feeling like a lucky man. He lustfully admired his wife's gorgeous features as she dressed -- gazing at the twin globes of her taut, round bottom just as she wore black saree well below naval, tight over her hips, matching blouse, low cut , small to reveal enough. The dress was tastefully and showed off her vital assets. She removed hair and made legs smooth. She looked back over her shoulder at him and smiled seductively. "You like?"
"oh… killing machine ?"
"Sir. . .flattery will get you everywhere!" she laughed
After giving the ayah some final instructions, Bhushan and Rakhi headed out to find the address. Soon they were winding through the city's most exclusive area. The gates and walls got higher and the impressive homes got bigger the farther they travelled up. Finally they found address. The sun was setting as they turned through a magnificent iron gate onto a long paved driveway. Slowly they passed the immense grounds with giant trees, big lawns, and almost every kind of flowers, hedges, and shrubbery imaginable. At the end of the driveway was a truly astonishing house that almost looked like a hotel. The architecture was superb. Outdoor spotlights were already casting a soft glow to the giant structure, and a monstrous chandelier hung inside a mammoth archway that served as the
entrance. A large fountain was positioned directly in front of the house, and there was a circular gravel drive around the fountain forming the parking area. Several expensive cars were already positioned there and a uniformed parking valet waited for Bhushan and Rakhi to stop in front of him. "I've seen better ..." Bhushan joked, but the couple couldn't help being impressed by the residence. After giving the keys to the courteous attendamaniat, Bhushan and his wife made their way up the long walkway to the gigantic front door. Before they could knock, the door swung open and a handsome young man wearing what looked to like a butler's uniform greeted them with a pleasant smile. "Good evening, Shri and Smt.'G', may I have the password please?" Rakhi and Bhushan were shocked that this stranger seemed to know them. . .at least by their initial. Bhushan stared straight into the man's deep blue eyes as if to size him up for a moment. "Maharaja," he
finally said firmly. "Very good. . .thank you. Please follow me." The man led them into the house and down a long, dimly lit corridor. The Guptas followed close behind -- gazing at the many fine and expensive furnishings and décor of the mansion. At last they came to a large room that was obviously the library. Each of the walls were stacked from the floor to the high ceiling with a myriad of books neatly arranged in tall shelves. Spread
throughout the center of the room were groupings of overstuffed leather chairs and couches for lounging and reading. It was quite a comfortable and inviting room. Several couples were already mingling and chatting softly. A small staff of waiters served cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Bhushan immediately scanned the gathering to see if he recognized anyone. All of the guests looked very similar in age; they all seemed to be in
their mid-thirties, married, attractive, and well-off. There were three or four couples. . .then Bhushan suddenly spotted someone he knew; it was Damania -- a stockbroker friend he often played tennis with. Damania saw him too and waved with a smile. But before Bhushan and Rakhi could move over to their friend, the butler was in front of them again holding two jewelry boxes. "A gift from your host. Please put these on and wear them throughout the evening. It is like an identification badge. One of the house rules asks guests not to refer to each other by their given names, but instead to use only initials. . .for privacy. I trust you will respect this simple request." Again something strange and mysterious. Bhushan and Rakhi glanced at each other questioningly as they opened the boxes. Inside were golden medallions engraved with the initials of their first names: 'B'. The finely-crafted disks were attached to satin ribbons to hang around the neck. Bhushan's ribbon was purple and Rakhi's was pink. They put on and made their way toward Damania, or 'D' as his medallion identified him. "Welcome, welcome!" he exclaimed, smiling broadly. "I'm so glad you could make it. I've been looking forward to this for a long time." D gave both of them a warm hug. "You remember my wife, 'M'. . ."
The couples exchanged greetings and hugs. "What's this all about?"
Bhushan finally asked. "Who's house is this?"
"I'm afraid I can't tell you, buddy. . ." D said, "But you and your wife are in for one fantastic great time tonight. You don't have any idea how hard it is to even be considered for one of these things. I had to pull some serious strings."
"Thanks, I guess. But damn. . .I have so many questions. Who are these people? Bhushan asked, still confused. "And why is everybody so protective of their privacy? I mean, this only using people's initials thing is a little bizarre."

"Trust me," D chuckled. "All your questions will be answered soon. In the meantime, just relax and enjoy yourselves. Get to know the other guests. Amazing place, huh? You have to admit this is probably not what you were expecting."
"We didn't know what to expect. . ." Rakhi piped up. "But I certainly agree with you. This place is amazing."
"You haven't seen anything yet! Enjoy yourselves. . .we'll keep an eye out for you." D grinned and his wife winked at Bhushan as the couple moved off to visit with some of the other guests.
Bhushan watched them go, secretly enjoying the way Damania's wife looked in her shiny gold dress. Truth be known, Bhushan had always considered Manisha to be a "looker"; she was taller than Rakhi, probably 5-7, with long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes that seemed to be teasing him whenever they spoke. M had a fantastic figure with big, full breasts and a shapely ass that undulated seductively in her tight gown as she moved away. Bhushan watched her go until Rakhi noticed where he was gazing and punched him playfully on the shoulder.
There were only two other couples in the room. Soon Bhushan and Rakhi met and visited briefly with both. 'S' was a big, ruggedly- handsome man who looked like a former football player. Rock- solid from head to toe, he shook Bhushan's hand firmly then surprised Rakhi by taking her small hand in his huge paw and kissing it lightly. His hazel eyes stared deep into hers as he smiled warmly. Rakhi liked his friendly, relaxed manner instantly and couldn't help fixing her gaze on him as he introduced his wife, 'T', a lovely, tall redhead. Bhushan and T chatted for a few minutes, while S turned his attention back to Rakhi.
"So, this is your first time here, huh? I'm so glad you came," S said smoothly; everything about him seemed to smile at Rakhi. She liked the way the soft tan-lines around his eyes wrinkled slightly when he laughed. There was a slight touch of grey at the sides of his full head of sandy-colored hair, but it just made him look that much more distinguished and attractive, Rakhi thought. He really was a good looking man.
"Yes, we are still kind of trying to figure out how we got here," she answered. "It's all kind of mysterious, isn't it? Do you know the hosts?"
S laughed with delight. "I'm not sure any of us really know each other very well. We've been to one or two of these parties, but, like you said. . .it's all rather mysterious. That's what makes it all so exciting. Don't you agree?"
"I suppose, yes, I guess it is kind of exciting. I'm looking forward to finding out what else will happen," Rakhi admitted. "So am I. . ." said S softly, gazing at her again in a way that almost made her knees weak.

The other couple was 'J' and 'V', a black husband and wife. Like the others at the party they looked like they were in their thirties and very attractive -- almost exotic looking. Bhushan and Rakhi soon discovered that it was this couple's first time here too -- and they were as mystified as the Guptas. J, the husband, was also very solidly built and fairly tall -- perhaps 6'5". Bhushan thought he must be a former athlete as well. J's wife, V, was voluptuous in every sense of the word. She wore a beautiful multi-colored dress made from a gauzy material that almost looked like scarves tied together; it accentuated her generous curves extremely well, and she caught the eye of every man in the room as she moved gracefully about.

After about 30 minutes -- when the couples had a chance to introduce themselves and sample some of the excellent champagne and appetizers -- a man Rakhi and Bhushan had not seen before stepped quietly into the library. He was large, muscular, completely bald, and he was wearing a uniform similar to the butler who had met them at the door. The man moved to the middle of the small group and rang a little bell to get their attention.
"Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of your host, may I offer you warmest greetings and appreciation for attending the party. My name is Shrikant. I have been asked to represent the owner of the estate who sends his deepest regret that he is not able to join you personally tonight. But I have been instructed to extend to you, his dear guests, every courtesy and to provide for your every need while you are with us. Some of you are here for the first time. To you in particular we extend our warmest greetings and sincere wish that you will enjoy a most memorable evening.
In a few moments dinner will be served in the dining room next door. Afterwards, some very special entertainment has been arranged for you in the Hall. Prior to that, however, I will have some additional information and instructions to share with you. As you enjoy dinner, please remember to respect the request to use only the initials on your medallions as you visit with and refer to one another. Thank you for your cooperation. And now, ladies and gentlemen, dinner is served. . . They were ushered into a spacious and well decorated dining room where the large table was already set with the first course of a feast that included a vast array of delicious and incredible dishes served by an attentive and courteous staff. The group was seated by their initials at reserved places that separated spouses from each other in order to allow the couples to mix more freely and continue to become acquainted. Rakhi and Bhushan were almost at opposite ends of the massive table, but they caught each other's eye occasionally and silently acknowledged that the food and the company were completely enjoyable. Rakhi was secretly thrilled that she had been seated next to 'S'; the handsome broad-shouldered man chatted and laughed with her throughout the meal -- making her feel almost as giddy as a schoolgirl. As they were finishing a delicious dessert, Shrikant appeared at the head of the table and rang his bell again. "I trust that you have enjoyed your meal. Has everything been satisfactory?" Everyone around the table glanced at each other smiling and nodding with approval; the meal was indeed excellent.
"Fine. . ." Kulkarni continued, "Now, as I mentioned earlier, I have some additional instructions to share with you before we present the evening's entertainment. Those of you who are first- time guests will want to pay particular attention. You will be escorted into the ballroom where you will be seated together as husband and wife couples. When the entertainment begins, you will kindly stay in your assigned seats until the chime sounds. Ladies, when you hear the chime, please move to the next seating area to your left. . .then continue to move to your left to the next area each time the chime sounds. Gentlemen, please remain seated where you are throughout the performance.
For our new guests, the purpose of this rotating method of seating is to encourage you to become better acquainted with one another. Hopefully you have all had the chance to become familiar enough to enjoy the company of whomever you happen to be seated with. You will likely find the entertainment stimulating. Feel free to react naturally to what you will see and hear. However, if you feel uncomfortable at any time, please do not hesitate to excuse yourself and leave the room. We would also ask that you respect unconditionally the wishes or the concerns of the other guests. No one shall be required to participate in anything against their will. Is this clearly understood?"
Again the couples looked around at each other and nodded, but this time not quite so enthusiastically. Bhushan and Rakhi glanced nervously at each other, as did 'J' and 'V'. They all had similar thoughts about the strange nature of these instructions – especially the idea of "stimulating" entertainment and the possibility that someone may be "uncomfortable" with what was going to happen. All this, coupled with the protected identity of the guests and the mystery surrounding their absent host, made this all seem very strange. But the other couples who had been there before seemed comfortable with what was happening, so the two "new" couples shrugged and nodded slightly in agreement.


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