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Real Sister Part-4 (Contd...)

PART - 3 CONTD....

"Don't worry, Mom. I'm a big girl now." Nisha told her mom. Sindhu
was just smiling and she knows that it's common for mothers to give
advise to their girls when they go out!

"You're the only one left now, the only one. Even though your dad is
not with you, I never let you feel that you lack some thing. But I
know that...with Sindhu around, I don't have to worry" and she smiled
at sindhu.

Sindhu couldn't help admiring Nisha's mother. She is a very lovely
woman, with a good figure, smoothly tapered legs, and she should have
somebody to replace the husband which had been missing for six years
now. It wasn't right that she should deny herself the love and
passion of a man, not right at all! Probably she will help her in
that way...

"Well, if you must leave me alone, you can." Mala, Nisha's mother
sighed. "You know that I'm tired and need you to help me."

"I'll be in early, mom, and help you tomorrow. This is the first time
I'm going out and sindhu is also with me. Moreover, we are going to
Anil's house only. You'll be all right this evening, won't you?" Sure
she will, Nisha thought.

"Oh, I realize I'm only being a selfish old mother," Mala said,
smiling. "It's your time to be out and find some happiness. I've had
mine, now better luck with yours. Sindhu...take care of my daughter!"

"You haven't finished yours, aunty," sindhu said sharply. "You're
only thirty-five, and a beautiful thirty-five at that!"

"I know. I haven't finished...and I have my dearest child." Mala was
looking at her daughter lovingly.

"That's not what I meant! I--Ohhh, what's the use." sindhu thought it
was not the right time. Nisha turned and started across the room. "I
have to get dressed now, Mom."

Mala looked at her beautiful daughter tenderly as the almost naked
Nisha walked barefoot into the hall. She was slightly disturbed at
her child, because sindhu had almost spoken...and was no doubt nisha
will be thinking...what she herself hadn't dared to think at her
young age. But she couldn't stay mad or upset for long, and she felt
herself warming with love and affection at the radiant, tanned body
of her daughter...the jet black hair fanning out behind her
head...the way her conical young breasts beat with the rhythm of her
heart, solid and not as large as her own, but then not fully
developed, either.

And Mala had to admire with pride her daughter's smooth flat belly
and cute navel and the gentle sloping to her thighs...where she knew
there was a bed of softly curling pubic hair...slightly thinner than
her own--at the moment covered by merely a wisp of budding hair...and
the pink petals of her still untouched young vagina.

Nisha's tight, almost boyish buttocks swayed gently as she walked
toward her bedroom, and her feet, small, with delicate toes ...
suddenly Mala came to her senses...what has happened to her today..?
May be her daughter going out for the first time made her to think
like this...she tried to reason it!

Still, she couldn't help fearing that Nisha was perhaps emerging into
maturity faster than she should, and that she wasn't experiencing the
joys of childhood. Was Nisha growing up too fast? And then Mala
laughed wryly, realizing that she was being foolish. She was
overprotective, desperately clutching her child to her bosom because
that was all that was left. No husband, , and there wouldn't be

With another long-drawn sigh, Mala lifted herself out of her chair
and began taking the groceries into the kitchen and
asked " you want some coffee?".

Nisha had showered and stopped before the mirror in her
bedroom...looking with satisfaction at the voluptuously curved
body,her attractive mother and father had given her...and again
studied the way her panties outlined her slightly puffy little cuntal

Sindhu kept her coffee cup aside and came towards her and tugged the
panties up with her fingers until the smooth round cheeks of her
buttocks and the thin divide of her vaginal slit were tightly
impressed into the soft nylon...and Nisha giggled with secret

Sindhu hugged the semi nude Nisha from the back and moved her hands
up to grab both of Nisha's cute breasts in her hands and started
squeezing the nipples..."hmm....No wonder, why boys just die for you!
You have such a lovely face...Nisha..", she was nibbling at her ear.
Nisha gave a big jerk and pushed sindhu away...showing mock
anger "I'm not Rajesh...go and do to it?". Sindhu was able
to judge that Nisha is a bit aroused also from her ministrations and
thought it is necessary before the big time!

Nisha slipped into a mini-skirted jumper, the top of which covered
her breasts but still gave the impression that she was naked
underneath. A summer dress, befitting the heat...and good for getting
a boy like Anil all hot and bothered, Sindhu thought. That's the
reason she selected the dress for Nisha for that evening! Even though
Nisha didn't agree for that dress...finally she had to give in...she
too want to be adventurous!

Nisha began to comb her softly waving hair, and again she looked at
herself in the mirror, seeing the way the mini-skirt clung to her
buttocks and was more than half way up her tanned thighs, with slight
creases in front where her legs joined her hips. With sudden
awareness, she realized that she could almost see the lips of her
vagina--was the jumper too daring for tonight? A forbidden thrill
raced through her. She looked at Sindhu and said "Hey...sindhu, I
don't think I can come in this dress" almost pleading her. Sindhu is
not the one to give up so easily...and she just made sure that Nisha
will not back out.

Finally, Nisha shoved her feet into a pair of slippers and ran out of
her room. "Mom!" she called, "I'm going now, Please lock the door!"
and with that Nisha and Sindhu headed towards Anil's house, in
Sindhu's car.


All of them are sitting in the living room and Anil has given them
his family album to look at.

"Sindhu, here, this was me a few years ago." Anil took out a picture
of a boy. "That was me, I swear." Anil, the handsome, muscular boy
was sitting next to Nisha. Rajesh and Sindhu are sitting together.
While handing the photo Anil had to bend towards Nisha and when his
face came very near to her bosom...he just lost his mind. He thought
of ripping her dress then and there and wanted to suck her cute,
little breasts...but he knows it can't be done that way and regained
his composure.

"Hey, you were cute, Anil," Sindhu giggled, taking the photo from
him. "Lover boy, all right."

"Yeah, I think now no one thinks me that way when I started growing.
Well," Anil said, "I would like to have a drink. What about you,

"I...No way...I just thought of spending some time together with you
all. That's all" Nisha was shocked at the thought of Anil and Rajesh
drinking, when they are here. Sindhu came to her rescue and
said " carry on with your drinks. Nisha and myself will
have some coke"...she winked at Anil and went to fix the drinks.
Anil's house has a very good bar set up. The whole house oozes the
richness. Sindhu selected Chivas Reagal for this occassion...and she
carefully mixed the drinks for them. She is not new to the
scotch...some times she takes a peg or two with her parents...when
they are in good mood!

Nisha felt some thing different in taste...but didn't give a thought
for this. Soon, she had completed her third glass...and now she
really started liking the coke!

"Here..." Anil said suddenly. "Listen to me. How'd you all like to
see some real movies? I mean some hot ones!"

"Hot ones?" Sindhu asked, puzzled. She wanted to act before Nisha

"Sure, sexy ones!"

"Not now and here! " Rajesh said. "Any way...Where's your dad
tonight, Anil?"

"That's what I've been trying to tell you. Dad is at some business
meeting up in the City, We've got the whole house to ourselves." Anil
lost his mother when he was very young, so he had sent the servants
on leave for this.

"Yeah ..." Rajesh breathed excitedly. "Yeah, that sounds great."

"What are you two talking about?" Nisha demanded.

"Look," Anil said to both girls. "My dad's got some films he bought
in Europe. They're ... a little spicy!. He got a new reel of film the
other day, and I haven't seen it...yet, but I imagine if it's like
the others, it should be a kick. You game?"

"Couldn't be worse than those magazines Rajesh was showing me
Wednesday evening, Anil," Sindhu giggled. "Sure, I'm for it."

"What about you, Nisha?"

Nisha paused, not sure what she should do, irritated at her childish
fears and still she is not in the right frame of mind with that coke
doing wonders to her.

"When your dad gets a Tom and Jerry flick, we'll invite her," Rajesh
said, laughing. "That's her world, Anil.""Listen, I may be younger
than you," Nisha said hotly to him, "but
I'm not that much younger." She could almost bite her tongue off as
the words poured out of her. She wanted to show them she was old
enough...but yet...she'd heard about these kinds of films, about the
nudity and things, but certainly they couldn't show everything!
Or ... could they? A tingle of wicked excitement ran through her in
spite of her reluctance. It would be sort of fun, and it wouldn't
show anything she didn't already know about...The moment she tilted
towards watching...the scotch started taking control of her mind in
full strength...Not want to? Suddenly she wanted to very much!

"Anil, let's see your dad's film. What the heck, a little piece of
film can't hurt anything?...huh"

"That's the spirit, baby," Anil said. "C'mon, let's enjoy!"

Anil grinned at Nisha constantly while he set up the TV and VCD. His
cock swelled in his pants as he thought of what might...what could
very easily happen that evening if he played it smart. Yeah, lewd and
obscene treats were in store for this innocent little virgin sitting
next to him, and once she reached the stage of being too hot to
resist, he was going to turn her every way but inside out! And she
was a virgin...he could sense that just as a hound can smell possum.
He'd have to take it slow...he knew. Slow and easy so he wouldn't
scare her. First time's the big time, he realized...having melted
many a cherry in his day. But one thing is sure...he just doesn't
want this girl to be one among his many prizes. There's some thing
special...he didn't know what it is...

"All right, folks," be said heartily, "name your poison."

"This is the one?" he said. "Says 'Dog Instruction' on the label."

Sindhu was passing out drinks to them. Nisha tasted her drink, and to
her surprise, found it very refreshing!...having had her 6th glass of
coke that evening.

Anil sat down on the couch next to Nisha and put one arm around her
so that she was close to him, and he let his hand drop down so that
it brushed against her breast casually...almost accidentally. "Hey,
baby," he crooned, "I really love you, you know?" He felt Nisha jump
slightly as she heard him, and he squeezed her tighter, pressing his
dangling hand once more against her smooth breast.

Nisha shivered in his embrace, and the alcohol seemed to diffuse
through her system. She pressed her thighs tightly together to
control a peculiar tickle which was worming its way through the soft
sensitive flesh down between her thighs.

Anil pressed his attack, feeling the tiny, bud-like nipple of her
breast harden under the thinness of her dress. Nisha knew she was
going to have to stop him soon...before things got out of control;
she squirmed, moving his fingers away without him noticing it...and
her short skirt hiked up over her hips, exposing her thighs and the
white crotch-band of her panties. She blushed furiously and tried to
pull her skirt down again. Anil laughed. "Leave it alone,'ve got nice legs. Don't
hide what's there, because you have got nothing there I don't know
about! I have a seen lot of them in tennis court!"

That brought a shriek of laughter from Sindhu and more livid redness
from Nisha. The young girl felt hot, but not wanting to let Anil and
the others think she was square, she didn't move her skirt...but
quickly took an extra heavy swallow of her drink. Anil leaned
across...brushing against her body tauntingly, and refilled her glass
from his.

"CD is ready!" Rajesh said, sitting down beside Sindhu on the other
couch and picking up his glass.
"In a moment," Anil said. He slid his hand from around NIsha and
stood up, walking over to the bar again and reaching underneath, to a
shelf along one side. "Before we begin the festival, let's make it a
little better for all of us."

He brought up a tin that English cigarettes are often packed in, and
brought it around to the others. "Here, each take one," he offered,
opening the tin. Inside were hand-rolled cigarettes of a peculiar
brownish texture. Nisha had a sinking suspicion what the odd
cigarettes were.

Marijuana...or some other!

"Light up," Anil went on to say, and pushed the tin in front of
Nisha. "Go on, baby, take one, Dad always has the finest collection"
he urged.

Nisha's mind was wrought with indecision. She'd heard too many
stories and lectures from adults, but she was just as afraid of
looking like she was a kid. She glanced at Sindhu for support and
guidance, and was shocked to see that her girlfriend was already
lighting one up...eyes shut, completely oblivious to Nisha's plight.

"What's the matter," Anil growled, "aren't you game, baby?"

"I ... I never smoked one before," Nisha blurted. She instantly
wished she hadn't admitted that, for now she really sounded uncool.

"A little bit will not hurt anybody," Rajesh said.

"Yeah, don't worry about a thing," Sindhu said, exhaling.

Don't worry ... She'd said the same thing to her mother only hours
earlier, and here she was! Worried!, Nisha thought


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