Saturday, July 12, 2008

Real Sister Part-2


The next two days were not exciting! I was watching TV and then
suddenly thought how life has changed. Just few days before...I would
have struggled hard if any boday had asked me to explain excitement!
Now, not only I know what it is and unable to let go even one day
without that!

Ok...why I said the last two days were not exciting is...we didn't
get much time to spend in suresh uncle's house. Either they all go
out...or all will be at home. So no more privacy. At last when we
thought they will be leaving...we came to know that even suresh uncle
will be joining he has to take care of lot of things for
the marriage. When finally they were leaving...I can see Rao feeling
guilty. But some how sis found a few seconds alone with him...and
just squeezed his cock through the pant...and gave him a peck on the
cheeks telling she will fulfil his wish. That would have shocked soon as sis let his cock go out of her grip, every one came
into the living room...and he found it difficult to keep the growing
erection out of their sights. He started sweating also...!

Finally they have here I'm just thinking what to do for the
next few days. I saw sis coming back from tennis practice...and her
face was glowing, first time in the last couple of days. I suspected
some thing might have happened...and was anxious to know. I quitely
followed her to the bed room. She looked very tired...because as soon
as she reached the room, she removed her white top and throwed it,
not caring where it fell and unbuttoned her skirt and before that
fell through her legs...she fell on the bed and closed her
eyes..feeling tired.

When I followed her into the bed room the first thing to happen
was...her top came and hit me on my face! The top was very wet with
her sweat and had a strong aroma. Surprisingly it tuned me on...and I
strongly smelled it once more before I removed it from my face. The
sight in front of my eyes is not new to me...but yet it looked so
lovely. My big sis is in just bra, which is fighting very hard to
contain her jutting breasts...and the skirt has just dropped till her
knees and she is lying on the that pose!

I moved closer to her...and started admiring her terrific body...and
when I moved closer, I found some of her pubic hair has come out
through the sides of her panty. The panty is white ...but so
transparent that I can see her bush clearly...and moreover some of
the hair has spilled out. I stood there transfixed...until my mom
came into the room!

Mom immediately sensed that some thing was wrong with me standing in
front of her...and sis in that position. Probably she thought I
didn't know any thing and as if to take care of me from my
confusion...she asked me to go and watch the TV. I was reluctant to
go...but could not stand there also. So, came out of the room and
headed towards the living room. But somehow I was just curious to
find out what mom will do! So, just hid myself and peeked inside the

Mom stood there for a few seconds...probably admiring how big and
beautiful her little girl has grown...and then tried to wake my sis
up. But sindhu was too tired it looked...and moved a bit, opened her
eyes and again closed slowly. Mom shook her again and asked her to
take bath and come to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. But sindhu is
not in this world. So, finally mom gave up and atleast tried to help
sis and slowly pulled the skirt which has dropped till her knees.
While doing that she might have noticed what I had seen...her pubic
hair coming out of the panty...and waited a few seconds and again
shook her up. This time sis got up and sat on the bed...and looked at
mom very angry.

"I should trim the hair..." mom was a bit shy and
feeling uneasy!

"Mom...did you forget...indeed it was we both...who went to the
beauty parlour last week! What are you talking now..."

"It's not that what I are a big" I found
it very enjoyable mom struggling for words.

Finally...sis was able to understand the point in it! She looked at
mom sheepishly and gave a small kiss on her cheeks and hurried into
the bath room. With that I ran towards the living room...knowing that
I will be caught, if I stood there watching any more.


The evening was different from normal there is no tuition
now. Mom seemed to be enjoying spending the evening together with her
kids and was humming...preparing the coffee. Adding to this, tomorrow
will be a national full day...we will be home...and I
just love any other kids! Sis came back from her
shower...and she looked her nighty. She normally wears
the nighty only when she goes to bed. But today, as she didnt have to
go out, she wore the nighty...and as usual...bra and nighty dont go
together well for her! The top 3 buttons were not done...and I can
see her nipples also when she bends. Mom came back with 2 cups of
coffee and a cup of Horlicks...still I'm not eligible for coffee.
Mom, thinks I'm too young for that...! If she only knows...

Dad is always prompt and he reached by 8 pm...while getting rid of
the shoes he told mom that tomorrow morning his friends will be
coming home and I was very happy. Atleast I will have the fun of
Mehta uncle playing with my sis in front of my parents!

Dad went straight to his bed room to get changed and to take bath.
Sis looked at mom and asked "Mom...did u sleep well in the
afternoon?" Mom looked confused and said no and asked why she is
asking like that. Sis winked at mom and said "you look wonderful
today...I dont think dad will let you sleep properly..." and before
she finished that she tried to run away from my mom. Mom's face was
flushed and she chased sis showing mock anger!


That night when we finally switched on the bed lamp, I asked sis
whether any thing happened special that day. There is something...I
can see from her smiling to my question!

Janu teaches Science in the school where sis studies. And she comes
to our house some times and is close to sis. Their relation is not
like teacher-student when they are out of the school. They are more
like sisters and Janu is 27. I wont say she is a knockout...but given
a chance to choose between Janu and a knockout figure...most men will
choose Janu...I think! She has such an innocent face...almost baby
like...and the dimple which forms on the left side when she
smiles...will make any one just die for her! Even though she has a
baby like face...her body is knockout. Yes...when it comes to
figures...she should be 36-28-36, with atleast a D cup! Her husband
works as a medical representative and spends half of the month in
tours. They live just a few houses away...Some times when sis skips
her Tennis, Janu and sis come home together in one auto, after the

Ok...if you are wondering why I'm talking about Janu, sindhu's you go...

Today...when sis and Janu came out of the school and waiting for the
auto, it happened that Mehta uncle was coming that way in his car. He
stopped it when he saw them and asked them to get in. Sindhu
introduced janu to uncle and from the very first look uncle made, sis
came to know that uncle just lost his mind! All the while during
their coming home, uncle's concentration was on Janu, sitting in the
back seat. After she got down, uncle asked sis why she is so
reserved, not speaking even a single thing and moreover he said he
observed that she is so depressed. Sis told him that she will tell
him tomorrow and came back home. Now, I'm curious to find out but
denied by my sis. She said she will tell uncle tomorrow and I can
know during that time. She also told me that it will be a shocking
thing for mehta uncle and she really has some plans now! Wow...I just
cant wait...


It was 11 am in the morning...and Dad and his friends have just
started playing cards in the living room and the scotch will start
flowing freely. They were four. Dad, mehta uncle, another friend who
is in construction business and the last is our family doctor. Mom is
busy preparing the lunch in the kitchen.

Sis is getting ready and was thinking what to wear for the occassion.
She always comes up with some thing mind blowing and I just cant
wait! Finally she has decided on some thing and asked me to follow
her to our parents bed room. She straight away went and opened dad's
closet and chose a black silk shirt with long sleeves, which dad
occassionally wears for the functions. When she finally wore the
shirt, it just covered her waist and any slight movement will make
her huge hips appear from the back side. I was not able to see the
front view. And she had the top 3 buttons undone, showing her
beautiful cleavage and most of her beautiful breast, without bra! She
thought for a few seconds and then went grabbed one particular body
spray which mom uses and applied it on her chest. She said mom does
that whenever she goes out to parties and bent down and asked me to
smell her breasts! It was terrific..! Now she is all set to have a go
at our poor mehta uncle!

I have to tell you some thing, here. Even though sindhu just plays
with mehta uncle, he never suspected that she is so naughty...and
today will be a big surprise for him.

When we both entered the hall, all eyes immediately turned towards
us, except dad. The other 3 just could not avoid looking at her top
to bottom and mehta uncle said "here comes my darling...come here
baby...we need to talk". Mom looked disapprovingly at sindhu, but she
never really made a issue of her way of dressing...she knows she is a
big girl! Sindhu went and sat on uncle's left thigh, sideways with
her legs dangling over his right thigh...and gave a peck on his fore
head, with both her hands entwined around his head. He might have
noticed the spray and said it's a nice one. She moved closer to him
and I can see her left tit is getting crushed against his chest.
Every one is so engrossed in cards and when uncle tried to reach for
his glass of whiskey, sindhu grabbed that and brought it to his lips.
I thought he is a lucky bastard! He took a sip of it and asked her to
tell about Janu, as she has promised y'day evening.

Sindhu looked at me, smiling mischievously and said "Uncle...her
husband is not giving her enough...she is so frustrated and dying for

"What...?"...uncle just shook a bit and every one looked at him for a
moment. He covered his expression with the cards in his hand and
slowly asked what she meant by not giving her enough.

"Oh..uncle..dont act! I know that you know...ok...I will tell you
clearly. Her husband is weak in bed...and thats making her very
frustrated. Since she is very close to me...she tells me everything.
I asked her to try something outside...but she is not that kind...but
let me tell you uncle...she is in right stage to be plucked! If you
want to be the one...we will do it today itself...otherwise the
chance will go to some one else!"

He looked shocked! He didnt know how to reply or what to. But I can
see that he is getting an erection. Adding to his woes, sindhu
decided to tease him further in front of every one and slided from
his left thigh and landed directly in his lap...on his cock, to be

She started making small movements with her ass, probably rubbing his
cock! But you will not notice it unless you concentrate properly.
Moreover...she is crushing her breasts against his chest...if any
body looks at them...the first impression is she is sitting in his
lap and trying to look into the cards in his hand...but a closer
observation will reveal...whats going on.

The situation has come to a boiling point...and he started breathing
heavily...and here...probably we underestimated uncle...He
said " my hand is not good today...lets do this
way...u draw the cards...and we both will play!", with that he handed
the cards to her and grabbed her by waist and drawn her more tightly
towards his cock. Sindhu looked surprised...but liked this welcome
change. She turned with her back towards him and still in his lap and
holding the cards. Now dad and his friends sitting across can see her
full thighs and white panty without missing any thing. But those guys
just seemed to be immersed in the game...and I just wondered how can
a pack of cards will make you ignore a beautiful and a revealing girl
like sindhu to be ignored!

Mom is on telephone in the bedroom...talking to her friend...and god
knows how long she will talk! Dad some times gets irritated that she
will forget the whole world, when she is on phone with her friends.
That's really helped the situation now.

Uncle held sindhu by the waist with both his hands and started moving if he is fucking her from the back. Now its sindhu's turn
to go out of control! I can see the beads of sweat forming on her
face...even in A/C. Now unlce asked in a low tone..."Tell do
I fuck that bitch!" Thats it...sindhu came to the verge of losing
control. I thought any time she will throw the cards in her hands and
ask uncle to fuck her silly! Probably if dad was not around...she
would have dared...I guessed.

But she understood the dangerous situation..and slowly gained
control..and said "Uncle..first of all she is not a bitch in heat.
She is really conservative...its just her frustration which might
help you. Today is her birth day..and her husband is also on tour. No
one is at home. So, if you can break her emotionally...she will be
all yours. Who knows she may become ur whore! I have a plan for that.
Can you please throw this fucking cards and come with me...??"


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