Saturday, July 12, 2008

Real Sister (part 1)

Adventures of my elder sister

I was 10 then. I'm the only son of a business man from Punjab but
settled in Hyderabad. My sister is 7 years elder to me and her name
is Sindhu. If I have to tell you about my sister, first I have to
tell you about my mom. She was 34 then and a fox...real fox. The last
time I went with her for shopping, I saw her trying a new type bra
with size 36D...! Her name is Deepa. Even now she has a hour glass
figure, and people just drool over her body when we go out or attend
some parties. And she is very lovely...always smiling and mixing well
with people. But don't get mistaken me...she is a prim and proper
house wife, until recently...My dad is tall, almost 6 ft, and quite
well built.

So, there you are. Now you can imagine how their daughter looks like.
She is tall, 5.7' or so...I think that is not common at the age of
17...and she has a demure face...almost a replica of my mom...and a
bitchy body...oh...what a body! I'm not familiar with numbers then.
But probably she should be that time! There's an air of
sexiness around her always...and I noticed when dad's friends come to
our house for weekend drinks...they would just love my sis and mom
to be around. And only a few close friends used to come for
drinks...and we all know them very well. My mom will always be
properly dressed ...but my sis will be in her shorts and thin T-
shirts. We can see her bra clearly through the T-shirt and I think
dad's friends come just to be with these 2 beautiful ladies, and not
really for drinks. And one of them Mehta is too close to our family
that some times when they are having drinks...he will pull my sis
into his lap and talk some niceties in her ear...The scene would be
so lovely! A big girl like my sis sitting in his lap, with her hands
around his neck and talking, while he was drinking. Dad used to joke
some times...that his girl likes his friend more than him and that
makes him jealous...!

I think that gives a picture of our family. Now let me tell you about
myself. Till now I was with my aunt (my mom's sis) in Nagpur, because
they dont have children they wanted me with them. And even my parents
agreed to this, because my mom loves her sis so much. They were more
ike friends than sisters. So, till I was 10 I was schooling in Nagpur
and then my aunt became pregnant and fine day she gave birth to a
baby girl. You should imagine my joy that day...I was so
happy...because very soon I will be going back to my family...and I
just love that feeling.

Even though I come to Hyd only during my holidays, I'm very close to
my sis..and whenever I come for my holidays...she justs spends the
whole time with me...we eat together...sleep together..and go to her
friend's house...we used to enjoy the life. But I never know any
thing about sex that time...and also I never knew that my sis is so
adventurous...! So, when I finally came to Hyd to be with my sis was so happy...but at the same time I noticed that
she was a bit uneasy...! I guessed that some thing is wrong from the
last time...and very soon I will come to know what it is....! It was
not like it used to be previously...when she is at home...she spends
time with me...but she does not take me with her any more!

Chapter 1

"Hey...Avi, why are you silent..?" my sis was concerned...oops I
forgot to tell you my name, I'm Avinash. She just came back from my
neighbour's house where she is attending tuition for Maths along with
her friend Pooja. My neighbour works in a Private firm and around 30,
sitll bachelor. He seems to be very nice guy and my mom and dad also
have a good impression on him. He used to help my sis and her friend
Pooja with their studies (12th standard) for almost 3 hours every day.

I told her that nothing's wrong with me, I was just getting bored.
She was confused a bit and then asked me whether I miss being in
Nagpur. I told her nothing like that...and then I broke and told her
the reason for my being upset.

She waited for a few minutes...

"Avi...It's not that I dont like you any more...I do agree that now a
days I'm not taking you any where out...because now I'm a big

I was surprised and asked her what difference does it make. That was
the time...the time when I entered into a weird world of sex...!

She told me that she still loves me more than any one...but she
thought I may get upset if I find out about her games...yes...she
said she is playing some games...nasty games...!

She told me that if I dont get upset with her...from whatever I see
then she would take me with her...just like it used to be!

You should see my joy that time... I was so happy! I felt like I was
on the top of the world...finally my sis is back to me...I'm her
friend again! That night after we had dinner, we retired to the
bedroom. She was in a very thin nightie and just panty under it. She
doesnt wear bra duing nights. We both sleep on the same bed...still I
dont have one for me and it was very cold...I wanted to ask my sis to
switch off the A/C. But, after she has pulled the blanket and pulled
me close to her...I felt warm. I always sleep like that. But that
night I was feeling strange. I was so happy that my sis accepted me
as her friend I pulled her close to me...and that felt
nice. She was just smiling and planted a warm kiss on my she always do before saying good night.

The next day I came back from school, feeling excited. Mom pushed me
into the bathroom and after I had taken bath, she dried with me a
towel and gave me a glass of Horlicks. When I was about to finish
that I saw my sis coming back from her school in full white skirt and
T-shirt. She always plays Tennis after school and she was very
sweaty, I thought. But she was looking so beautiful in that white
dress. First time my eyes went pas her skirt and I looked at her
milky white thighs. She has gorgeous thighs! Suddenly I felt ashamed
about the way I was thinking...I was so confused that I didnt know
what it was. But I understood one thing that ever since she told me
that she is doing some nasty things, I'm not in my right frame of
mind. I was lost in these thougts until I heard...

"Mom...I'm going to Suresh uncle's house...Avi is also coming with
me"...I immediately switched off the TV and happily joined my sis.
She is in her shortest @jeans shorts and it was so tight that any one
can see her nice curvy ass clearly.

Pooja opened the door at Suresh uncle's house and she was surprised
to see me. Behind her I saw Suresh uncle and he was also surprised
but let us in and was talking some usual things like how did I feel
to be back in Hyd...and stuff like that. When he was talking to me I
observed that Pooja and sis were murmering some thing and after a
while they pulled Suresh uncle into the room inside...probably they
were talking about me. My feeling was
mixed...thrilling...exciting..and then I dont know what else it is.
He has a nice but small flat. Living room, followed by bed room and
kitchen and bath room. He has kept it very neatly.

A little while later Pooja came into the living room and sat next to
me. Pooja is a very close friend of my sis and even though she is not
as tall as Sindhu...she is also beautiful..but a bit plump. And I
think that makes her look more sexy. She is in blue chudidhar and it
looks beautiful on her white body. While we both were talking and
watching TV, I heard some type of moans coming from the bed room. It
looked as if my sis in some kind of pain...! I was concerned...and
looked at Pooja. She felt a bit uneasy...and then went to close the
door. But I followed her and before she can stop me I entered into
the bed room!

I was taken aback from what I saw. There, on the double bed my sis
was lying next to Suresh uncle and he only has the boxer shorts and
his T-shirt was not on his body. That was not what surprised me. My
sis also has her T-shirt removed and she is in her bra and the shorts
were also unbuttoned and the zipper is opened showing her white
panty! He is holding her with his left hand and his right hand had
slipped into her panty. They were frozen when they saw me and looked
at Pooja questioningly. She just shrugged her shoulders.

What bothered me was the look on Sindhu's was as if she is
in some discomfort. Atleast that was what I could understand. Pooja
went and sat on the bed next to Sindhu. I asked my sis whether she is
alright and she said she is just fine. I was not satisfied and asked
Suresh uncle why sis is like that and what he was doing to her.
Before he could answer my sis told that its fine and he is just
making her happy. I dont understand how one can moan like that when
they are happy and I asked her the same thing.

This time I got the answer...not from any body...but from his doings.
He made some motion with his right hand in her panty and immediately
my sis moaned again. This time it was very loud...probably because of
the fact that she doesnt have to hide it any more. Her mouth was wide
open and he immediately took advantage of that kissed her full on the
lips and slipped his tongue inside. I was dumb founded and felt very
upset that I felt she is more close to him than me. She noticed it
from the corner of her eyes and asked me to come near her. I felt
happy and climbed on the bed and crawled to lye next to her between
Sindhu and Pooja. All the time Pooja was laughing and said I'm a cute
and lovely brother to have.

My sis pulled me closer to her and asked me whether I love her.
Ofcourse yes...there's no doubt about it. She also asked me if I
would like her being happy. Oh...hell yes. Why not? She is my lovely
sister and a good friend. Then she told me to just relax and watch
how Suresh uncle is going to make her happy! Pooja pulled me into her
embrace and kissed me on the lips and when I opened my lips with
surprise she pushed her tongue into my mouth and started toying with
my tongue. It was unbelievable and was like an electric shock to
me...! Now she is holding me like a baby in her lap and I'm able to
see all the action going next to us.

Mean while he pulled Sindhu's shorts with quite difficulty and now my
sis is in just her bra and panty. He got up and said today he is more
excited because of my presence. My sis looked at me and winked at me.
Pooja laughed loud and said she is also feeling the same way and
hugged me tightly. For a moment I went crazy because I'm being
smothered with her huge tits and I found something pressing very
hard...probably her excited nipples even though they were tightly
enclosed in her dress.

Now my sis came to a sitting position on the bed with her back to us
and Pooja slowly unhooked the bra and removed it. Immediately she
removed her panty also and fell back on the bed. There she
is...completely naked...her tits are so beautiful and nipples jutting
out like bullets. Her thighs are terrific and so white that I can see
the red marks created my Suresh uncle's hands earlier. He got up and
removed his boxer shorts and his cock was long and semi hard. He came
up on the bed with his legs on both sides of my sister's waist and he
slowly moved up...until his cock came close to Sindhu's mouth. I was
not able to figure out what was going on. But I can see the fire in
her eyes. He slowly settled himself on top of her chest and his butt
is exactly on her breasts. My sis winked at me again...and slowly
took his cock in her hands started kissing it as if it's the precious
thing in her life.

My sis never applies any lip stick and even then her lips look so red
and right now they were just trembling like flower petals. Some pre-
cum appeared on his cock and Sindhu gladly licked that and the taste
might have sparked her and she started licking and sucking his cock
like ice cream. Now its his turn to moan he was running his hands all
over her hair and holding her tightly. Suddenly I observed Pooja was
breathing heavily and she pushed me aside and moved closer to him and
started frenching him on the mouth. He held her tightly and ran his
hands to the back side and started massaging Pooja's huge ass with
both his hands. As I was pused aside I crawled next to my sister's
thights and that was the time I had a close look at her pussey. I can
see him crushing Sindhu's tits with his ass and she seems to be
enjoying and started opening and closing her massive thighs.

I was confused by all this and as I looked at her pussey, my
confusion became more. I just thought that if there's any thing not
great in her body that must be her pussey. Dont get mistaken...theres
nothing wrong. But for me at that age, her pussey looked so confusing
with lot of hair around...!


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