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Sex Party (Real) Part 4 final


The Private Party Part-IV (LAST PART)

All modesty gone, Rakhi allowed him to help her up and stood naked except for her high-heeled sandals and her mangalsutra. Something in her dizzy brain triggered and she remembered who was waiting at her next stop, causing a tremble of anticipation. She wordlessly thanked the gentle dark man she had been with by reaching down and softly running her hand along his impressive length one last time. Then, taking her rumpled saree , blouse etc and dragging it behind her, she moved off to the rendezvous she had been secretly looking forward to. 'S' stood waiting for her. He too had shed his clothing and she nearly swooned when she took in the sight of him. Everything about the huge man was appealing to her -- his warm smile first, then the incredible eyes that seemed to pierce right into her heart. Built like a granite statue, his massive shoulders, arms, and chest tapered down to a flat, hard stomach ripped with solid muscle. And there was his cock, erect and perfectly shaped. Not freakishly big, but large enough to satisfy any woman; it stood up proud against the chiselled abdomen. Below, his powerful legs looked like tree trunks supporting his solid frame.
Dropping her dress, Rakhi rushed to his waiting arms. Without a word they melted together in a passionate kiss that made the tiny hairs on the back of her neck stand up and tingle. She could feel his hardness pressing insistently against her belly -- throbbing gently with his rapid pulse. Gasping for breath, she broke the kiss and pulled his ear to her mouth. "Oh, I've been waiting for this," she whispered. "Please . . .I need you inside me. Now...please hurry!"
Reaching between her legs, 'S' dipped a fingertip into her swollen lips. His digit was instantly coated with her warm, sweet honey. "Yes, you are ready for me," he smiled. "Well, I've learned to never keep a lady waiting . . ."
He gently turned her around and wrapped his massive arms about her, pressing himself against her back. Sliding his hands down, he found and caressed her quivering breasts as he slowly guided her to the love seat. Rakhi allowed him to position her so that she was kneeling on the leather cushion with her arms clinging over the back, facing away from him. His strong hands urged her legs apart and he moved up behind her. At first she could feel his body heat against her skin, then she felt the blunt rounded shaft of his organ moving and rubbing between the soft cheeks of her buttocks. He moved back and forth like that for a few moments, sending chills through her already frazzled nerves. "Please . . .don't tease me," she whimpered. Finally he grasped his cock and aimed down until he found her soggy opening. He brushed the thick head around briefly to cover it with her slick juices, then he pushed forward slightly and felt the tip catch and move through her warmed up entrance. He was amazed at how tight she was, even after all this prolonged stimulation. Hearing a dreamy sigh of approval, he grasped her hips and pressed forward again, this time sliding almost half way inside.
Oh....yessssss. . ." she hissed. "It feels so good, put it in!"
The big former football player granted her wish. First he pulled out until just the head of his rod was poised at the opening, then he jerked his mighty hips forward in one smooth stroke, impaling her completely. Rakhi's eyes rolled back in her head and she cried out with uncontrolled ecstasy; her hands gripped the back of the chair tightly as she felt him immediately begin to move in and out with slow, smooth thrusts. It was better than she could have imagined. Every muscle and tissue in her small body strained to accept and meet his powerful, but controlled movements. She could feel his heavy balls softly smacking against her backside each time he pushed against her, and soon they were rocking together. . .gradually building the tempo. She discovered that, if she leaned back and arched her pelvis at just the right angle, his swollen shaft would rake against her hypersensitive clitoris occasionally, causing sharp tremors of pure pleasure.
From his position a few feet away, Bhushan Gupta watched his lovely wife being fucked by another man for the first time. Her head was thrown back and her arms and hands clutched desperately at the furniture she was braced against. The large man behind her pounded in and out relentlessly, causing little shock waves to ripple through her small body with each impact. Bhushan was peering around the bare bottom of Damania's wife, Manisha. The pretty blonde held herself high up against his face, encouraging him to lick and nibble at her glistening labia while she gamely worked at reviving his spent male equipment with her mouth.
The strange rotation was now complete; all of the couples had sampled each other's spouses. Up on the platform, Shrikant, the imposing butler, reappeared completely nude and joined the newlyweds' erotic performance. The bald man was built like a bull; his hard buttocks flexed and relaxed as the bride sucked him hungrily, her blushing cheeks puffed and hollowed around his girth. Behind her, the handsome young groom looked like he was about to explode. Every muscle strained and the cords in his neck stood out sharply as he jack hammered against the girl.

Rakhi was nearly overcome with the sweet sensations pouring through her every fiber. S reached out to hold and massage her bouncing breasts while he continued to slam into her, filling and emptying her completely with each rapid stroke. Suddenly she was aware of another person standing close in front of her. Trying to focus her blurred vision, she realized it was Damania gazing down at them with lust in his eyes and silently offering his angry-looking cock to her. She knew instantly what he wanted, but again her conservative upbringing made her balk at the thought and she closed her eyes tight and turned her head away.
Damania was not to be denied, however. He'd waited too long for this. Gently he placed his hand on her silky hair and turned her pretty face back to him. Rakhi was gasping and panting for breath and there was no way on earth she could keep her mouth closed. Soon she felt the rubbery tip of his hot tool brushing against her parched lips . . .pushing in past her teeth and gliding across her tongue. The taste was not unpleasant, she realized; slightly salty and almost familiar. Surrendering to the fact that she could not refuse him in this position, she allowed her tongue to swirl tentatively around the spongy hardness. Damania heaved a great sigh and pushed his hips forward slightly, basking in the moist warmth. He smiled with satisfaction when he felt her small, shaking hand reach up to grasp and accept him while her head began to move slowly, sucking him in deeper with each small thrust. Rakhi found herself wedged between two strong males - both trying to
fill her openings with their swelling erections. Her diminutive body was being assaulted and buffeted by the eager, forceful pumping and prodding, but she felt heavenly. Never before had she felt so sexually alive and in tune with her womanly desires. Every part of her burned with intense excitement and raw passion. She could feel the familiar stirring of another shattering orgasm rolling and crashing through the dam in the deepest part of her soul. Wanting to cry out in pleasure, she could not because her mouth and throat were engrossed in greedily slurping and sucking Damania's engorged cock as it pistoned in and out through her tender lips. Between her legs, Rakhi sensed that S was nearing his end. Sweating and growling above her, he pushed himself with his great strength against her, deeper and harder . . .faster and faster, until she could feel him touch her very core. Suddenly he slammed his hips forward and roared. A bright light flashed in her head and her insides seemed to burst . . .followed by soothing warmth that washed throughout her
ravaged body.
Choking and gasping, fighting to breathe, Rakhi pulled her mouth off Damania who was watching the dramatic crescendo between the conjoined lovers; the vibrations of their release passed through her mouth - stimulating and triggering the eruption he'd been fighting to keep in check until now. The spent, weary housewife instinctively used her hand to continue pumping his shaft, slippery with her saliva. Her efforts were soon rewarded as Damania groaned loudly and sprayed out his hot, milky fluid - blasting it across her slender neck, shoulder, and arm.
Rakhi's husband vaguely watched the orgiastic frenzy unfolding around him. The room was filled with the sound and scent of sex. Everywhere he gazed, naked bodies were tangled together writhing and humping. He'd seen his puritanical little wife take on two men with astonishing abandon until she lay crumpled beneath them, bathed in sensual bliss. At this moment a stunning blonde woman, who happened to be his friend's wife, was leaning over Bhushan's torso sucking his cock furiously while a demented bald butler named Kulkarni ploughed into her from behind. On the bed in the center of the stage, the tall black man had the young bride's legs wrapped over his shoulders; he pounded into her with his amazingly long penis as his own wife rocked back on forth on the young girl's face. Time seemed to stand still and Bhushan closed his eyes . . .trying to remember how the hell he got here.

Several days later, Rakhi Gupta found a glossy black package in her mailbox. Opening it, she discovered a videotape inside simply labeled `The Party' and a small hand-written note attached. A smile played across her lovely red lips as she read:

`Greetings, Shri and Smt.W. . .

Here is a souvenir of our time together for you to watch and enjoy. Looking forward to the pleasure your company at our next gathering.

Best regards, Your Host'

Rakhi felt a sudden little shudder pass through her as she skipped up
the driveway . . .heading for the VCR.

*****THE END*****


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