Thursday, July 17, 2008


Anjali Bhabi Ki Chudai

Rahul was all excited as he sat in the British airways flight to London, sipping white wine. His brother Ramesh is settled in UK with his wife Anjali. Thinking about Anjali bhabhi, Rahul blushed and he felt the heat developing at his loins. His sexy bhabhi, Anjali is hot desi babe with a perfect body. She is small, yet her assets looked perfect. Rahul was little embarrassed thinking about Bhabhi in this way. But ever since he saw his sexy bhabhi ki chudai with his brother Ramesh, he couldn't stop thinking about her. It was during the last summer when his brother and bhahi came to visit their parents in India. After that, he was always thinking of fucking bhabhi.Rahul was doing his final year in college and was preparing for the exams. Normally Anjali bhabhi used to wear Sari, the traditional desi dress. During one of those sari stripping peeking, Anjali bhabhi almost caught Rahul red handedly. Rahul scared to death fearing that his bhabhi is gonna tell brother and his parents. But his sweet bhabhi was not going to do that. Ever since that incident Anjali bhabhi always had a wicked smile on her face whenever she met Rahul. He was happy that his pyari bhabhi didn't hate him.

One night, Rahul was busy with his studies when his sexy bhabhi Anjali came to his room asking if he needs some help with his studies. He knew that bhabhi is good at the subject and was glad that she is ready to help him. Anjali sat near Rahul and started explaining and clearing his doubts. But he couldn't really concentrate on his studies. His couldn't stop admiring the lovely face his sexy bhabhi. Anjali saw him staring at her and felt his eyes wandering on her beautiful desi face and boobs. She was confused at the situation. She loved her sweet devar and did want to be mad at him for looking at her body, but at the same she is his bhabhi and this is wrong.

Next time when Anjali caught Rahul staring at her, she asked him. "Rahul, what happened to you? You aren't concentrating on your studies and you are staring at my face. What's the matter?"
Rahul was little embarrassed at his bhabi's question. "Sorry babhi...., I am just..." Rahul couldn't tell lie to his sweet bhabhi. "You look so cute bhabhi. I love your beautiful face. I want to see your lovely face always bhabhi" Anjali was flattered. Her heart started pounding faster. She asked, "So why were you staring at my breasts" This time it was Rahul's heart beat which increased its counts. "You love my breasts too?" bhabhi asked.
Rahul felt guilty and looking down he slowly nodded. Anjali felt her desi pussy getting wet. "So then, you love to see bhabhi ki breasts? Rahul couldn't beleive his ears. A sudden rush of blood made his face red and his dick hard. He felt his throat getting dry. Anjali knew this is her golden chance to get her all time fantasy of getting a young lund in her choot. But first she wanted to fell how such a fresh blood will lick her Indian pussy. Anjali looked at Rahul and said, "sweet devar, bhabhi will show you my milky breasts, but first you have to proove yourself that you really like me."
What should I do bhabhi? I will do anything to see your lovely breast bhabi. Rahul was excited with thought that he could possibly have sex with his sexy bhabhi. He had been dreaming about bhabhi ki chudai for such a long time, but never thought it will become true.

Anjali bhabhi stood up and walked near to the door. After locking the door bhabhi turned to me with a sexy smile and came close to Rahul. "My sweet devar, make me happy this time and I will make you happy for ever. Ao, bhabhi ko chodo!" Saying this, she untied her churidar and let the bottom half drop on the floor. Bhabhi slowly raised her churidar top, there it is! Bhabhi ki choot in all its glory! The sight of his sexy bhabhi pussy was driving Rahul carzy. His animal insticts urged him to bury his face on her wet indian pussy. Slowly Rahul brought his face close to bhabhi ki choot and took a dream breath. Anjali bhabhi opened her legs wide and let Rahul kiss her choot.

Rahul licked her wet desi pussy like a hungry cat licking milk! His tongue explored every bit of her wet choot. Bhabhi started moaning with pleasure. Oh! Rahul you are doing it great. Keep licking it baby, I am going to cum soon." Rahul wanted his bhabhi ki chudai to be most memmorable one for both him and his sexy bhabhi. He licked deep inside her desi pussy while caressing bhabhi ki gand. Bhabhi was rocking her hips on to his face. He knew she is going to cum. He inserted two finger inside bhabhi ki choot and started licking her clitoris. Suddenly he heard his sweet bhabi moaning out load pushing her choot up she splashed her love juices on her davar's face! It was a dream come true for both. Hi pyari habhi gave a sexy smile and said, "Rahul next time its my turn to make you happy and I promise you will be fucking bhabhi that time!"

The announcement is the flight woke Rahul from his thoughts. He felt his lund straining agist his pants. The thought that he will be fucking bhabhi soon made him all excited.

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