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Real Sister Part-2 (Contd..)

PART -2 (CONTD...)

Everything was set...uncle said he has to leave because of some
urgency...and sis said she will be going to Janu's house and uncle
will be dropping her! They quickly finished the lunch and also me.

The worst part in the whole thing is I will be left out for the first
time, after I teamed up with sis. But she promised me to give a blow
by blow account! With that they left.

I spent some time watching TV in my parents bedroom...but got bored.
So, went back to our room and had a nice afternoon nap. It was 6 pm
when sis woke me up. First she started teasing me...saying nothing
has happened! I was furious...but she was just smiling and did not
tell. After we had our dinner and retired to the bedroom...she
unfolded the story.

For a change, she just removed everything and settled next to me
stark naked on the bed. I was in my pyjamas and befored I made the
move, she held me tightly in her embrace and started unfolding the
afternoon's proceedings.


Sindhu and uncle both went to a saree shop straight away and
purchased one nice saree worth 2000 rupees and went to Janu's house.
Janu was surprised to see mehta but she just asked both of them to
come inside. Her face was flushed...because she just came and opened
the door thinking only sindhu will be there...and she is just in her

She being so fair, that black nighty looked terrific on her body.
When Janu gave both of them a glass of coke, and sat next to sindhu,
mehta started to speak about why he has come.

"Janu...I have a younger sister and today is her birth day. On her
every birth day, I buy her a saree and wish her. But, this year I'm
deprived of that because she is married now and she is in States. So,
when sindhu told me that today is your birth day also, I just thought
atleast I can do this to you. Moreover when I looked at you
yesterday, to tell you frankly, you reminded me of my sister. Thats
why I came here today..." with that mehta game a small sigh...having
acted brilliantly.

Janu was confused at first...but also felt happy...and her feeling
was a mixture of every thing.

"Oh..thank you Mr.Meh..."

"You can call me need for any formalities...!" mehta was
"hmm...bhaiya...thank you very much...but.." Janu was struggling to
find her words. Basically she felt very happy! When she thought that
her life has become so terrible, with a husband who is not only weak
in the bed...but also very mean..always yelling and shouting at her
even for his mistakes, here came a stranger to bless her on her birth
day. This is the first time she felt so happy in her married life of
5 years! But still the whole thing was so quick that she didnt know
what to say.

Sindhu understood the situation immediately and said "Come on sis!
atleast uncle has come here to wish you, did any one wish you frank!"

That's true, Janu thought. She did not receive a phone call from her
husband, not from her parents who thought their duty has finished
after she got married! Now she can see how much it meant for her. She
became more happy instantly.

She accepted the saree from mehta and sindhu said "Come...lets go to
your bedroom...and see how my big sis will look in this new
saree...given by her loving brother!" Janu flushed at her words, but
followed sindhu to her bedroom.

Mehta readjusted his growing erection in the pants...he was surprised
to see how easy it is going. Probably the poor girl has gone through
a very rough patch of life...all good for him and also for her! Now
he counted the time to implement step no.2! And when he thought it's
time, he got up and headed towards the bedroom.

Janu's back is facing the door and she is in petty coat and blouse
and she has the saree wrapped around her and trying to make foldings
to push it in the petty coat. Sindhu was helping her...but being it a
new saree..they were unable to fold it properly.

"Here...let me help...Janu, you are just like my sister...she also
struggles with her new saree. And she always wants her big brother to
help her." Saying so he came near to them and took hold of the saree.
Janu was deeply flushed and tried to say some thing. But before she
can speak Sindhu said " think you can do this...uncle...this
is not an easy job...folding the new saree...and you think you can do
this...huh...sis..let him handle...let's see what he can do!"

Janu was too confused and yet unable to stop the whole thing. Every
thing is happening so quickly that she is just unable to resist it!
Moreover she is getting aroused...she never stood with just blouse
and petty coat in front of any other man, except her husband.

He did a nice job..quite expertly folded it and pushed the saree into
her petty coat! She shook like a leaf, when his hand entered into her
petty coat along with the saree and touched her hot belly! When it
went inside, his fingers came in contact with her curly bush...and he
shivered...probably she is not trimming her bush regularly having
lost the interest in life! He liked it...he always likes the women to
have lot of hair around the cunt...and he became very hot by the
thought that very soon his cock will be searching for the hole all
through the jungle!

Janu regained her composure and quickly finished the rest of the
thing. She is looking beautiful in the new saree...and the smile has
never left on her face..and the dimple on her left cheeck was just a
tease for mehta. He just imagined her lips wrapped around his huge
dick...going up and down...!

He gave sindhu a packet of Jasmine flowers and she twined it in
Janu's hair..and it looked even more alluring. He opened another
packet and took one piece of cake and offered it to her full lips.
She held his hand while she bit half of it and took the rest of the
piece in her hand and offered it to him! She felt the
same time she thought...what has happened to her today..she just
started wondering!

"So, the newly found brother and sister are more than happy to forget
me...! This is too bad...!" sindhu showed mock anger at both of them,
for which Janu started giggling!

Now is the should strike when the iron is hot. Sindhu
knows it very well. "Hey..dont you want your brother to bless you??"
sindhu looked surprisingly at Janu. "Oops...wish me bhaiya.." and
Janu bent to touch his feet. Midway he grabbed hold of her by the
shoulders and pulled her up looking deeply into her eyes. He was too
lost in his thoughts that he did not say any thing but just kept
looking at her. Janu was also transfixed by his looks..and almost
forgot the entire looked as if she just wanted him to look
at her like this.

Now is the big moment, sindhu thought. A small push on Janu's
back...thats it...she fell into the arms of him, and he tightly
pulled her towards him! She doesnt know what came over soon
as she fell into his tight embrace..tears started forming in her
eyes..tears of joy. She never thought this birth day will be so
memorable. And very soon her tears started running down and she
started crying.

Slowly he guided to her to bed and sindhu said " cool her off
uncle. I will go and watch TV" and she left the room..and closed the
door, keeping just enough to see the action inside. Janu felt more
comfortable now and she did not leave him, even when they sat on the
bed! "Bhaiya," she managed to say between her sobs.

"Little sister," he whispered; his hand caressed the raven blackness
of her hair. "What's the matter? What's wrong with my little sister?"

She shook her head, nestling into the hollow of his
shoulder. "Nothing."

"Hey now, all these tears can't be over just nothing." His voice was
gentle and soothing. "Remember ; I'm your big brother now. You can
tell every thing to me."

She sniffed a bit, her head lifting to him. Her eyes were red and
tears streamed down her face, but she managed a little smile. "You
dont know what kind of life I've been going through. And I hope
bhaiya could make things better."

"Janu, I can never claim to be able to do the impossible." He
chuckled, hoping to cheer her. "But I can try to help you whichever
way I can."

"Bhaiya, oh, bhaiya."

Janu broke into sobs again. Her body shuddered violently. He just
held her and let her have her cry. Even though he could have taken
control of her, he is not forcing the matters, sindhu thought.
Probably his exprience has thought to play a bit more, sindhu just
wondered. Even he is not sure when to initiate.

At least ten minutes passed before Janu quieted again. She clung to
him even longer, before eventually easing back. Her head did not
rise. Sindhu thought she should intervene or else this will settle
down quickly...and just wanted to wait for few more minutes.

"Feel better, sister?" he asked, his hand squeezing Janu's.

"Just cried out, bhaiya" Janu said. "There's no more tears left in
me. I was surprised there were this many after this long. I thought
they were all gone."

After this long? Now he wanted to apply the pressure. "Would it help
to talk about it?"

"I don't know if it would help." she was a bit reluctant to discuss
her marital problems with him.

"I think it will help. After all, you are like my sister and I just
love you as I do her." Now sindhu got his point, he is trying to push
her to the edge!

Janu leaned to him and kissed his cheek. "I know, bhaiya. But it's
hard to bare one's soul, even to a brother. Especially when it has to
do with something this personal."

"Your husband?"

She nodded. "How did you know, bhaiya?" she looked a bit confused.

"Just a guess. There are not many things that will make a married
woman lose control and cry. A husband happens to be one of those
things though." He thanked sindhu in the mind for telling him every
thing about Janu.

"I don't know where to start," Janu said. "In some ways, it seems
like this has been going on forever. I wish I should not have married

He just listened. It wasn't that unusual a story, husbands not caring
for wife's feelings. People still think sexual pleasure is only one-
sided and it seemed the majority of those people were men. Her
husband just happened to be one of them.

The usual story was one of possession - a wife is a husband's
property, or vice versa. It's hard to accept one's spouse as a human
being, despite everything lovers proclaim to one another. Marriage
and that legal slip of paper two people sign often is thought to
mean "you belong to me...enjoy...lock..."

"...That's it," Janu said. "I don't know what to do, bhaiya. I've
tried everything I could think of and it's all fallen on its face.
Damn it, when I'm around him, I don't even feel like a woman any
more." she is opening up...sindhu thought and it wont be long...when
she just brakes...!

"You're still a woman, janu" he whispered, pulling her to him and
holding her tightly. "You don't ever have to doubt that, just look in
the mirror. You're a woman, quite a beautiful one." He started
playing cards now!

"Big brother inflating little sister's ego. You seem to be good at
that, bhaiya" janu said, her head lifting to his. "Why couldn't my
husband be like you?" sindhu thought she really meant it...and also
wondered how fast things have changed within 2 hours...!

With that she once more kissed his cheek. Her arms tightened around
him, holding him close.

What exactly happened next Janu was never totally sure of. One moment
her lips were against his cheek in a sisterly kiss, and in the next
instant, her lips were pressed to his. The kiss was far from being
sisterly. Her tongue flicked out and taunted his lips, teasing at
them, cajoling them to open!

His mouth opened and accepted the offering of her tongue as it moved
inward. His arms tightened, pulling her to him, while her tantalizing
tongue dueled over and under his tongue.

Sindhu is unable to resist any further. She just wanted to jump into
the room and join the scene. But, somehow she had a feeling that it
will blew every thing. She thought she will let it take place and
remain silent for the moment. But she slowly slipped her hand into
the panty and started rubbing her clit...!

Beneath the fabric of janu's saree, he could feel the warmth of her
body. His fingertips could feel her slight trembling, a
quivering sensation he was sure was not caused by the coolness of the
A/c in the room. It was the same trembling he now felt within
himself! It's too good to seduce a woman like janu!

Janu's tongue slowly retreated from his mouth. He followed it with
his tongue, delving intimately into the sweetness of her mouth. She
moaned softly, nestling even closer against him as he toyed and
teased, his tongue flicking and probing toward her throat.
He was suddenly aware of the persistent cushion of her huge breasts.
Warm mounds of flesh pushing out from beneath her blouse, rolling
over his chest. And atop each of those fleshy pillows was a hard
pebble-like nipple, each trying to dig small holes in his skin.

This woman, this woman he found in his arms, is thinking about him as
her brother. That made him even more hotter. His testicles tightened
in their sac with the old familiar feeling of want and desire.
Already he was feeling hot with sindhu's teasing in her house. He
knew in that instant that if he wanted her, she was more than willing
to let him enter her body.

They parted. Janu's head tilted back a bit, her dark eyes meeting
his. Her expression was uncertain, filled with the realization that
she had tasted forbidden fruit. But when he made no indication that
their action was wrong a small smile danced at the corners of her
sensuous mouth.

"I wanted that, bhaiya" she said softly.

He didn't answer, except to pull her to him once again, his mouth
covering hers. Passion rose in their kiss. They clung to one another,
brother and sister, man and woman, lovers. Their hands now explored
their faces, caressing cheeks, tracing the lines of their mouths.
They stared at each other, love shining in their longing gaze. They
kissed, then kissed again, losing themselves in their embrace.

"Love me, bhaiya," the black-haired woman who was his new found
sister whispered when they parted again. "Make love to me, bhaiya.
Make me your woman, even if it's only for this moment."

"Yes, my sweet sister..." he said, tenderly caressing her cheeks.

She smiled and eased from his arms. As he watched, she stood and
removed her saree. Next to go was her petty coat and bra. Within
moments she stood completely naked in front of him. Sindhu just
wondered how fast she has transformed from a shy lady into this

She looked so fragile and feminine. Her breasts were white cones of
milky perfection. Perched precariously atop each of those satiny-
smooth cushions were bud-like nipples, dark mushrooms, stiff and
erect with her arousal.

Downward over the sleek flatness of her stomach his gaze moved. For
an instant he probed the sensual well of her navel. Then his eyes
moved even lower, his groin feeling tight and hot.

Between her slightly spread thighs was the thick black bush of her
cunt. The silky strands were shining in the silvery rays of the moon.
And barely perceivable beneath the soft looking fur of her pubis was
the shadowy slit of her sex. She felt a bit shy when his eyes have
focussed on her cunt and tried to cover her pussy with both her hands.

"Beautiful" he said, meaning it. He opened his arms for her to come
to him. "Let me kiss you."

She came, stepping quickly to his side. But before she could kneel to
receive his promised kiss, his arms wrapped around her thighs. He
drew her to him. His lips pressed to hers, but not the lips of her
mouth - the lips of her cunt.

"Ahhhhhhh! bhaiya" She moaned aloud with unabandoned relish.

Quivery thrills of hot sexual desire coursed through her veins. The
warm stream of his breath trickled through the moss of her pubis.
Then there was the damp flicker of a tongue. The tantalizing tapping
of her new found brother's tongue.

"Oh God!" She moaned again, reaching down and caressing his head,
pushing his face into her pussy. "It feels so damn good!"

The moist little snake of his tongue was doing all sorts of marvelous
things to her. He taunted up and down the cleft of her loins,
flicking lightly at the nubbin of her clitoris, cajoling it out from
beneath its fleshy hood.

And when he had every inch of her naked body trembling with fevered
excitement, he licked downward, lapping at the tremulous groove of
her cunt. She heard the smacking of his lips and the wet oral sound
as he sucked away the sudden flood of juices filling the core of her

Abruptly, his tongue darted up into the mouth of her pussy. Her hands
tightened on his head, pressing him even harder against the aching
gash of her snatch. In and out his feathery oral digit toyed with
her. Her knees quivered and shook, becoming as liquid as the womanly
fluids flowing within her cunt.

Suddenly she was no longer able to stand. With a startled cry, she
collapsed. But he was there, catching her and lowering her to the
bed. He quickly let go of his dress, except underwear, before she can
recover and he was there beside her, his mouth on hers. She kissed
him, tasting herself still on his tongue.

Lovingly, he reached out and cupped one of the shimmering domes of
her tits. Despite the almost chilly feel of the cool air coming from
the A/c, her breast was warm, excitingly warm. So smooth and silky
she felt to his fingertips. His fingers traced around and around the
fleshy mound, working upward toward the rubbery button seated atop it.

A shudder of pleasure rushed through her supine body when his
fingertips at last brushed over her stiff nipple. Teasingly, he
tweaked the aroused button of flesh, delighting in the desirous moans
that writhed from her lips. Then his hand suddenly dropped down,
covering her breast and squeezing.

She felt so good, so damn good, just touching her, holding her. She
was so alive, so willing to have his hands on her. That this woman
was thinking him as her brother only added to his arousal.

He taunted and teased and kneaded and played with her breasts to his
heart's content. Then he sucked at them, his tongue licking and
laving over every inch of her delectable titflesh. Her body was so
ready for man, so hungry to be felt and loved, he found it almost
unbelievable that she had not sought an extra-marital lover until
now. That she had waited was his gain.

Downward his fingers crept, circling the well of her navel, then
moving into the softness of her pubic fur. He played there a moment,
delighting as the anticipation mounted in her body. She was ready to
feel him within her, even if it were only a finger. Yet he delayed
tickling up into the socket of her cunt. The longer he taunted the
better it would be when he actually came into her.

Cupping her crotch, he squeezed down on her plump womanly pubis. He
kneaded her mound of Venus as he had kneaded her tits but moments
ago. She was hot and willing and ready. He could feel the warm flow
of her juices dampening his palm. Yet still he taunted, increasing
the intensity of her need.

"aggghhh...bhaiya.. !" She moaned. "You are marvelous ! It's
wonderful, so wonderful!" she is out of her mind now. Then he shot a
finger up into her cunt.

"Agggarrahhhh!" She groaned. Her whole body writhed under his
impaling digit. Inward he drove, twisting and twirling his finger in
the wet haven of her pussy. She moaned and bucked, fucking herself on
his hand. She was hot and flooded with her own lubricants, but he
prolonged the foreplay, giving her a taste of all the loving care her
husband had neglected for
so long.

Then he worked yet another finger into her twat.

Her moaning and writhing doubled. She was tight, but she took him,
screwing around on his palm. She hunched her pelvis like a woman gone
mad. She was oblivious to all, except him, and he knew it, a fact
that only served to increase his own desire.

"I want you,..bhaiya...I need you...agghh.." she whimpered in a
piteous little voice. "Take me, bhaiya. Make me your woman."

He extracted his fingers from the fleshy sheath of her cunt. They
came free with a wet sucking sound. She groaned at the sudden
emptiness that filled her. Her eyes fluttered open, filled with the
burning light of lust.

With her watching him, he stood. Slowly he eased down the underwear.
His cock, long and rigid, jumped outward, jerking and twitching with
its new-found freedom.

Janu's dark eyes widened. A hungry expression moved over her face.
She stared longingly at the thick, imposing shaft of his sex. At the
same time, there was a knowing glint in her eyes - the realization
that his erect cock was for her - her alone!

"Let me feel it, bhaiya." Her lips parted to reveal the wetness of
her tongue. "Let me feel you."

He stepped forward straddling her supine body. Below him on her back,
she gazed up, her eyes frozen on the massive bludgeon of his cock.
Then her arms lifted.

He groaned, trembling at the first touch of her fingertips. Lovingly
her fingers ran up and down the solid column of his sex. Light and
tender she caressed, as though she were worshipping the virile
strength of his cock.

"It feels marvelous," she whispered. "So hard and strong, yet so
smooth and soft. I love the way it twitches at my touch. So hungry
and ready - ready to fuck me - ready to screw your sister. Isnt
it ...bhaiya!" Sindhu was not surprised at her talk...she seems to be
in that class...who once let go will go to any lengths. She just
wondered whether her mom is also in this class! And she just shivered
with the thought and continued stroking her clit..while not moving
her eyes away from the scene.

His balls surged within their wrinkled bag. That's exactly what he
was going to do - fuck her...fuck his new found sister!

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