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Real Sister (Contd..) Part 1

contd.. (part-I)

I can see that juices are flowing out of her pussey and she started
pushing her waist up and if she is begging for some
attention there. I didnt know what to do but slowly moved my right
hand to her pussey. Nobody noticed this and it happened that straight
away I reached her clit and lightly rubbed it with my little hands.
Thats it...! Sindhu gave a big cry "Avi......aeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..."
and she came like a volcanoe!

It surely might have surprised both Suresh uncle and Pooja...for once
they stopped and looked at me. He fell next to my sis and now 3 of
them were looking at me surprised and I felt very embarassed. Pooja
was the first one to come out of the shock and she pulled me into her
embrace and started kissing me every where on my face and told them
that Sindhu is lucky to have a kid brother like me!

Sindhu was all smiles and pulled me to her and started showering
kisses on my face, but not on my lips...all the while
mumbling.." dear..."

Now Suresh uncle got between her legs and spread them wide. I'm able
to see the full view lying next to my sis with her left hand holding
me tightly to her chest. My mouth was very close to the left nipple
and her breasts are going up and down with heavy excitement. He took
his cock in his left hand and started teasing Sindhu with that moving
it up and down through the crack. He did that for 30 or 40 seconds
and my sis was becoming quite restless and started begging
him..."Uncle...ahhhh...please...uncle..please put it in...ahhhhhhh..."

With a sudden thrust he pushed it inside her cunt....and she gave a
big moan..."ahhh....." and with that she pushed one of her nipple
into my mouth...! I immediately started sucking on it, even though I
was not sure what I wanted to do. Sis went crazy...!

He started fucking her with brute force. He had both his hands on her
hips and started fucking her with long and hard strokes. Pooja was
not silent all the while. She immediately fell on Sindhu and started
kissin her on mouth and pulled her into her lap. I was startled by
this and saw Sindhu's nipple slip out of my mouth and sat there just
watching. Pooja was struggling with her top and removed it quite
ackwardly. Next to go was her bra and now my sis is lying in her lap
with Suresh uncle pounding her cunt without mercy. Pooja took hold of
her left tit and guided Sindhu's mouth to it. The scene was so
erotic. As if she is feeding her baby...(a big baby!) while suresh
uncle is fucking her baby.

The show went on for 10 more minutes and I sensed that it was coming
to an end because of their high pitch shouting. Suddenly suresh uncle
pulled my sis out of Pooja's lap and pushed her on the bed and
covered her fully with his body. A sight to be seen. My big sister is
now completely covered by equally big suresh uncle and he started
fucking her so hard that I thought he will kill her. Sindhu's eyes
were closed and she had both her legs wrapped around his waist and
the expression on her face was sheer joy.

"Uncle...I'm cumming...cum in me...ohhhh...ahhh........" she is in
heaven it seems. Suresh uncle increased his tempo of fucking and came
in her with a big shout. Even after cumming, he continued to stay on
top of her making small movements. Both of them were sweating
heavily.. and my sis was holding his face in both her hands and
kissing him crazily. After 2 or 3 minutes they came into this world
and suresh uncle moved from top of my sister. The look on her face
was pure joy...her legs were still wide and open and I can see the
combined juices coming out of her love hole are wetting the bed. She
was slowly coming to senses and when Pooja handed them a cup of
coffee each, sis got up and thanked Pooja. While sipping the coffee
she again winked at me and asked whether I liked it. I said yes, but
was not whole heartedly. I think she was able to read my mind and
just pulled me closer to her. It felt fantastic, her sweaty and still
hot body and I hugged her tightly and started crying.

Pooja and suresh uncle were confused and were frightened. But sis
silenced them and asked them to go to the living room and leave both
of us alone.

Once they had gone she closed the door and asked me why I was crying.
I said that she likes suresh uncle more than me for which she laughed
and asked me how I came to that conclusion. I told her that she never
did all those things with me and moreover I felt very jealous when I
saw him on top of her covering her body fully and moving. I also told
her that she seemed to like that she was kissing him all the while
with her legs twined around him. For that she again laughed and told
me that she loves me more than any one and it is just sex and that is
common in sex and she loves Suresh uncle when she is having sex with
him, whereas she loves me always.

She asked me whether I wanted to do what suresh uncle has done to
her. I shyly nodded my head and got excited by the thought. But she
said I'm too young to have sex and when she feels I'm old enough to
enjoy sex, she will be the first person to have sex with me and she
said she will take my virginity! Till then I can just watch and enjoy
her adventures.

I was happy again and hugged my dear sister
That night when we retired to bedroom I noticed that my sis was was
thinking hard about some thing. My first impression was that she is
feeling guilty about the day's happenings. But...I was wrong! And
also after talking to her I thought she will never feel guilty about
what she was doing with me...that made me happy!

When we settled well on the bed, I asked her what was she thinking so
hard about. Without answering my question she asked me in turn
whether I liked what happened today. I admitted rather shyly and
wanted to know how these things have started in the beginning. She
said that it was a long story and will tell me later. I hugged her
more tightly feeling the warmness very thrilling. She slowly started
telling that Suresh uncle has asked her for a favour and she was
still thinking about it. I asked her what was it and why dont she
comply with it when she knows he always want to make her happy. Thats
it...! As if she found the solution for a major problem her face has
brightened. And she kissed me lightly on the lips and told what I
said was correct that whatever Suresh uncle does will be exciting and
she would do what he had asked.

When she told me what he has wanted...I was confused! Tomorrow early
morning, his uncle is coming to Hyd and would be staying with him for
3 days. He is not coming alone, both his wife and daughter Renu are
coming to do some shopping in Hyd for his daughter's marriage. He
knows all about Suresh uncle and my sis and wanted to talk to Sindhu
alone for some time in the afternoon. Suresh will be going with his
aunt and her daughter to help them in the shopping and we all know
how much time the ladies need for the shopping and adding to that
they are doing it for the big occassion. So, it leaves his uncle
atleast some 4 to 5 hours alone with my sis and I was not able to
imagine what he wants to do.

After that we both slept without thinking too much about what's going
to happen tomorrow.

It was Saturday and after we finished our lunch my sis took me to
Suresh uncle's home, she was in pink chudidhar. My mom has to visit
one of her friend in the hospital and she has left much early. So,
when we left there was no body at home. Renu opened the door and she
was all smiles when she saw us. Probably suresh uncle has told her
that we will be coming. She is slim and should be about 20 or 21 and
extremely good-looking. Before I saw her I would not have believed
slim girls also will be beautiful. My sis is perfect and Pooja is a
bit plump, so Renu is something different. She immediately pulled me
to her, thinking I'm an innocent little boy. My face came resting on
her cute, pert tits and I was immediately excited. If she comes to
know what I was doing y'day, she will die, I thought.

They were getting ready for their shopping and suresh uncle told us
that Rao uncle is not feeling well and if we want to leave, we can
but asked sis to make some coffee and fill it in flask for his uncle,
as they are in a rush. With that they left. We had not seen his
uncle, Rao yet. Even though my sis was a bit nervous she closed the
door and walked into the bedroom and I followed her!

There we saw him, coming out of bathroom after a bath and with just a
towel wrapped around his waist. Even though he must be in his early
fifties, he looked well built and handsome, but a bit shorter than my
sis, I guessed. He smiled at me and I thought suresh uncle might have
told about me to him.

Sindhu went to him and as a respect she bent and touched his feet. He
immediately grabbed her and pulled her into his embrace saying its
not needed and he is happy that she respects elder people. I liked
what I was old man shorter than my sis holding her in his
embrace with his bare chest and with his hands wrapped around her and
my sis has bent and reclined on him. He kissed her on the fore head,
affectionately! I dont know what's wrong with me, because whatever my
sis does it excites me.

He released her and went and sat on the bed, the same bed where I
witnessed everything y'day.

"Uncle.. I will go and make coffee for you..." Sindhu told him and
was about to move towards the kitchen. But he stopped her saying it's
not required and also told her not to call him uncle and asked her to
call him 'Papa'! He said she just reminds him of Renu when she was
young and attending the school! Sindhu didnt know what to reply and
said "Its too nice of you uncle...I mean Papa"!

He motioned her to come near and sis went and sat close to him on the
bed. I was already sitting on the edge of the bed and quite anxious!
He pulled her onto him and was talking in a low voice like "
sweet baby...papa loves you so much" something like that. Sindhu was
quite confused about how to react, but didnt resist him and rather
reluctantly moved so that she settled slowly in his lap! He started
kissing her...first on the fore head...then on cheeks...and then the
big moment came. He kissed her straight on the lips and then asked
her whether she likes this new papa. I thought she was still nervous
and confused about the whole thing. But I was wrong...!

She was getting excited slowly from the moment she saw him and when
he asked her she just cried..."yes...papa...I love this papa very
much...hold your baby tightly...i love you papa..." and she took the
initiative and started kissing him madly! He was taken aback by her
actions but not for too long. After a few minutes of kissing he
pushed her aside and said he wanted her to do something. He went and
opened the cup board and showed us a packet and asked sis to open it.
While she was opening he started speaking in a trance.

"You know baby...this is Renu's school dress when she was in 10th...I
like her seeing very much in that dress...but as all good things will
come to an end...she has grown up and now she is no more my little
girl. But still I cant forget those days when I used to watch her
coming home in this school without she knowing I had
grabbed a set of her school dress...all included...bra..panty..skirt
and shirt. Even now when I'm not in mood, just feeling them will make
me very excited. Today I can see my girl in please wear this
and show it to me."

This was getting too far, I thought. This old man must be
can he think like that! But neverthless I can see the excitement
growing in me!

Sis was thinking of where should she go and or
living room. But Rao immediately saw her dilemma and told
her "baby...just change here itself...its just ur brother and me...ur
papa...u dont have to feel shy"!

But as soon as she opened the packet, she came to know that its not
of her size...Renu's size will not fit her comfortably that too the
dress was when Renu was in 10th! But, sis was determined to please
her papa...and slowly started removing her dress. She removed the
top...and it was highly erotic. Stripping in front of an old man and
her little brother. I thought she has lots of guts...believe me it's
not that easy, how kinky you are!

When she was about to remove her pants also, Rao asked her to come
near her saying let him help her. Sis came near to him, feeling a bit
nervous. He removed the lower pants in a hurry. Now she was standing
in front of him with just bra and panty and remember even though her
waist is so small, she has a terrific ass and fantastic thighs. He
started breathing heavily...with her so near. Sis tried to put on the
small skirt, but he stopped her saying "No baby...please wear her
panty and bra...It just makes so perfect"!

Now is the big moment. I was just wondering whether she will go
ahead...because it's just too much. But I just didnt know her really!
She agreed for this and Rao said "Wait...let me do it baby...Papa
just loves to help her baby getting ready for school..." and pulled
her into his lap. Now she is sitting in his lap with her back towards
him. He removed the hook of the bra and easily removed it from her. I
was getting tensed...I'm on this end and didnt know what was
happening that just rushed to the other side facing them.
Sindhu just winked at me again!

Now he has removed the bra and started pushing her panty lower! Sis
just got up a little to let him slide her panty downwards and then
used her legs to get rid of that damn panty! Thats it...she is
sitting in his lap like a jay bird with nothing on...and she is
facing me. I couldn't see him properly because he is a bit shorter
than her and moreove my sis covered my view. Now he took Renu's bra
in his hands and helped her to wear it. Probably that should be of
smaller size...may be 31 or so...and didnt fit well, sis was
struggling to push her breasts into the cups. Again Rao has come to
her rescue...he moved his hands in front and cupped each of her
breasts and tried his best to put them in the cups. Some how he
succeeded. But still a large portion of her lower breasts are jutting
out of the bra. And with great difficulty he hooked the bra on her
back side. I can see the pain of the tight bra in her eyes and also
the pleasure...! Its a mixture of both.

Now he asked her to get up and helped her with the panty. This was
not like what it was with the bra. But still the panty was so small
that most of her pubic hair came out of the panty and I can even see
the sides of her cunt even though she wore the panty. May be even
this should be giving her pain or pleasure... being so tight! Forgot
to tell you, I had to run to the other side of the room to get the
view this time. It looked like I have to run here and there before
this one will finish...!

Now everything is set and she is in Renu's dress...fully...her short
red school skirt and white shirt. It was so tight that for one moment
I thought how they would fit to my mom than my sis. And that thought
made me feel jittery...what the hell was wrong with me...but I
couldnt help myself start imagining my mom in that tight school
dres...and it made me even more excited...almost...I dont know what
it was!

But back here they almost ignored me. Now he has settled on the bed
comfortably and my sis is sitting in his lap facing him with her legs
on both sides of his waist. I can see her sitting exactly on his cock
and he is still in with just the towel! He had both his hands
gripping her hips strongly and I can see him massaging her wide hips
hips slowly but strongly. The skirt is so short that once he had his
hands on her hips, it was unable to hide any thing from my view. Now
he started talking to her!

" did the exam go today...are you going to get top rank in
this again...?" and he just applied more force on her hips.

"ahhhh....papa...ahh....yes...I will get top rank...this time

"Thats my good girl...come give your papa...a nice kiss..." and as if
she was waiting for this...she immediately held his head with both
her hands and started kissing him furirously. He was getting wild and
started applying more pressure on her hips...and some time I can see
her crying with pain...and immediately moaning with pleasure! I
wanted to stop this...but too bad...I was not able to understand
whether she is in pain or pleasure!

Now he pushed her on the bed...and again started talking..."Baby...I
saw you coming with your class mate Rajesh y'day and you were kissing
him before he dare you do it at such an young
thought no body knows about it...what else you did with him..." and
he fell on her completely.

"Papa...I'm sorry...he just forced me...he started kissing me...and I
was unable to stop him...please papa...I dont know what it was...I'm
sorry..." my sis was acting. I know...this is high level
acting...both of them are just trying to do some thing which I cant

They started playing like this for some more time...and mean while he
has removed her panty and just tore her shirt with such force, it was
as if its a rape...but my sis is more than willing. Now, the shirt is
torn but still its not removed and he just ripped her bra off...and
moved her skirt upwards. A classic pose...I looked so
odd...yet so lovely. He stood up on the bed completely and I can see
the tent formed in front of his cock through the towel and with one
swift motion, he pulled it off. I was shocked...not only me...even my
sis...she just looked at his cock with wide eyes! It was the same
length as of suresh uncle's...but it was so thick was thicker than my arm...!

Sis was so excited and at the same time frightened...but she started
removing her dress absent mindedly. But Rao stopped her saying he
likes more with the dress on! All the while event though he has
kissed her many times, he did not touch her breast with his
mouth...and when he lowered his mouth on one of her lips...I was more
excited than sis! The thought that this old man is going to suck on
her young tits was just unbelievable for me.

But he stopped midway before he took her nipple into her mouth and
lifted his head looked into her if she has understood my
sister cupped her left breast with her right hand and pulled his head
with her left hand...offering him the greatest gift he ever had. He
immediately started sucking on it and in fact started biting on
it...I was able to see the teeth marks made by him after their love
session. All the while my sis was chanting "papa...papa"!

And finally the moment came when he got up and settled between her
gorgeous thighs to enter into her be exact...his baby's
cunt! I thought he was not in a he started rubbing her
crack with his cock up and down...and some time it slips to touch her
ass hole...and sis will give a big jerk, whenever that happens.
Finally...getting frustrated with this, sis took hold of his fat
cock...and she was not able to fully cover with her palm. She guided
it to her love love...and looked into his eyes and then
said... "Papa...fuck me...fuck your little girl...fuck your baby with
your fat cock...awwwhhhh...papa...please...mujhe chodhona...please

Thats it...he got what he wanted! With one hard push, he has pushed
his cock all the way into her tight cunt and his balls slapped hard
at her ass!

"Baby....lie perfectly still," Rao said. "I don't want to blow in the
first second. Don't move a muscle!"

"Do you like me that much, Papa?" sis asked as if she doesn't know. I
think that type of talk makes sex more interesting!

"Yes long...its so long..I've been waiting for this." They
hardly dared to breathe during that moment's
crisis. His cock lay embedded in her cunt flesh, pulsing with life
and sending shock waves throughout her body. I think she was unable
to hold her breath any longer. She started to pant, to moan, to
clutch at the bed sheets in frustration. Rao lay on top of her, his
cock buried in her cunt, and he held her by the hips in case she
should make an unexpected movement down there, which will make him to
come without real enjoyment.

"Oh Papa! I'm going to come! I can't stop it, it's so beautiful to
have you inside me. Please hold me, don't come, oh Papa, papa, HOLD
ME, HOLD ME, I'M COMING! oeeeee maaaaa....! AAAAAAHHHHH!!" He kept
her pinned down the whole time even though Sindhu struggled with all
her strength. When the orgasm had passed she felt absolutely spent!

Now Rao swung into action. The first strokes were tentative and slow
but he soon built up confidence. His cock was so thick, so long, that
it stretched her cunt each time it dove down into her depths, and
without much of a transition she found herself happy again. But I was
getting frustrated with not getting a proper view. Some times it was
great...but they are moving so wildly on the bed...that it is
difficutly to watch the whole action without missing a bit! Probably
Rao knew just how to give it to her. His strong arms were wrapped
around her low down so his hands could support her buttocks and
squeeze them at the same time.

"Yes, Papa, that's good, that's good," she huffed. I can see her body
was burning again, ready to give birth to another bundle of passion.
Her hands were on his back and her nails dug into his flesh. She
wanted to give him pain and at the same time she
started squeezing his balls! "More, harder, more! Oh yes, that's it,
that is it! papa! Yes! papa, papa, papa, OH MY GOD, YES! IN, IN, IN,
MORE, MORE, MOOOOOOOORE!!" Still yelling she went under again,
fighting for breath as her passion exploded and tore through her
body. Rao kept on fucking like a man possessed. His cock slithered in
and out of her cunt at a fantastic speed, a machine gun of cock it
seemed. At this point I thought, he was doing better than Suresh
uncle, from the look on sindhu's face!

"Here it comes," he whispered suddenly. His face was very red, his
teeth were clenched, and his back buckled tautly. Now his cock moved
so quickly that she almost slipped out of the bed. "Watch out, baby,
I'm going to blow the lot--AAAARRGH, UNH-UNH-AAAAAAHHHH!!" Rao
subsided, but his cock maintained its pace for a while until even
that slowed down. I felt that she will not venture into this type of
things again.

After their love session...still they were holding each other
tightly...and Rao was kissing the sweat on her face lightly. Suddenly
he looked at me and asked me to get 2 glasses of fruit juice which is
in the fridge. I got angry...but when I looked at my sis...I can see
her plead with her eyes...and I thought..what the fuck...he has made
her happy...and whats wrong in serving him...moreover he may make her
happy again!

When I came back with 2 glasses of juice I heard the
discussion...half of it. When I came to know about that fully that
night from my sis...I was shocked! This is it...he said he is so
crazy about Renu, his daughter...that he will go mad if he dont fuck
her...and she is getting married very soon...that too she will be
leaving to States after that. So I asked my sis what's going to
happen to him. She hugged me tightly and said she liked the new papa
very much...and she will definitely help to fulfil his dream and for
that she will go and attend Renu's marriage, which is going to take
place in another 10 days in a village. The reason why they are doing
it in a village is both the families..that is bride and bride groom
have come from the same village...and they thought it would be nice
to conduct the marriage in their native village. I just wondered how
my sis is going to help Rao!

My sis kissed me full on the lips and asked me whether I got angry
when Rao asked me to get fruit juice for both of them. I said
yes...but then I told her how I thought of helping whoever makes her
happy! She was so overwhelmed by my love...and immediately started
kissing me madly. After a while she stopped and said...I'm the best
brother any girl can get..and she said my happiness is her
happiness...the same way I think of her now...

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