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Sexy party (Real ) Part 2

The Sexy Private Paryt (CONTD..)

"Very good," Kulkarni smiled with satisfaction. "Now, if you will follow me to the ballroom."
They made their way down the hallway they had entered through and came to a large set of double doors that opened into a modest-sized room that really looked nothing like a ballroom. The room was furnished and decorated splendidly, like the rest of the mansion, but instead of the expected wooden panelled floor there was thick, luxurious wall-to-wall carpet. Soft music was playing from unseen speakers somewhere, and an amazing assortment of candles flickered everywhere-- providing the only light and casting interesting shadows on every surface. In the centre of the room was a circular platform or stage – perhaps two-feet high and ten-feet across -- surrounded floor to ceiling by a closed black velvet curtain. The couples were seated with their mates in four comfortable black-leather love seats positioned closely around the stage in exact North, South, East, and Gupta points facing the curtain.
When everyone was seated, Kulkarni stepped back to the doorway and rang his bell one more time. "Ladies and gentlemen, please remember the instructions I gave to you earlier. And now, honored guests, we present for your enjoyment. . .The Newlyweds."
As Kulkarni stepped back through the doors and closed them behind him, the volume of the pleasant classical music increased and the curtain began to rise. Spotlights rigged above the stage faded up and brightly revealed a king-size bed. As the curtain continued to move upward they saw a pair of shiny black shoes -- then tuxedo trousers -- and finally
a young man seated in a chair by the bed. When the curtain stopped rising the group could also see a lovely young woman seated with her legs curled under her on the bed; she was wearing a beautiful red wedding dress and ghoonghat(veil).
The newlywed couple was young -- perhaps 19 or 20 -- and they were radiant. He was extremely fit and handsome with dazzling black eyes, stylish black hair, fair complexion, and an eager, confident smile. Each of the women in the room felt immediately attracted to him. The bride was just as fresh and alluring. Her long dark hair hung almost to her waist and it contrasted vividly with the brightness of her saree. She reached up and pulled the ghoonghat back over her head to reveal the face of an angel -- bright eyes flashing with excitement; full, pouting red lips framing perfect teeth; high cheek bones and cute little dimples flushed with excitement. She gazed longingly at her new husband as her generous; swelling breasts rose and fell noticeably within the confines of her lacy bodice.

As the party guests watched with fascination, the young girl moved gracefully off the bed and stood before the groom. Slowly she began to move her hips back and forth to the music as she lowered the ghoonghat completely and tossed it on the bed. Then she removed her saree slowly, to start what was the beginning of an obvious strip tease. While she continued to sway her shapely hips, she reached back and grasped the hook of her blouse; unhooking it, she turned her back to her new husband and teasingly drew it down. The young man slumped down in his chair slightly -- still grinning from ear to ear. A noticeable bulge was growing in the front of his pants; again something none of the women in the room failed to notice. He watched in a happy daze as the pretty bride continued to Demoniac and strip. Soon the blouse was down around her slender waist revealing the sexy brown bra underneath. With a giggle, she pushed the saree the rest of
the way down and stepped out of it along with petticoat. Now the lovely young girl was dressed only in skimpy cloths -- showing off her enticing cleavage, high-cut satin panties with the dark triangle shadow of her trim bush clearly visible beneath, and a matching lace garter holding up her sleek white stockings. Still moving seductively, the bride kicked off her sandals and moved closer to the young man. While he watched her every move, she slowly sank to her knees between his now wide-spread legs. Smiling up at him,
she reached out with her dainty hand and ran it up along his thigh until she brushed against the now straining erection in his pants. Everyone in the room held their breath as she traced the outline of his impressive manhood with her fingers -- gripping and milking it lightly. A soft groan escaped the back of his throat.


The Private Party (Part –II)

Rakhi sat watching as if hypnotized. She couldn't tear her eyes away from the provocative scene right in front of her. Never in her life had she experienced anything like this. Of course she and Bhushan both had seen to some pretty steamy XXX movies on video, but certainly nothing that compared to the raw emotion of watching two people being intimate with each other in front of a live audience. Rakhi didn't know how to react. Her conservative religious upbringing should make her feel guilty and offended by what she was watching, but she knew that wasn't the case. She held her husband's hand tightly
squeezing it in involuntary response to each exciting tingle that shot through her aroused body. Yes, that was it. . .more than anything else, Rakhi realized she was highly aroused by what she was seeing. She was already beginning to feel damp between her legs, and she crossed and uncrossed her soft thighs -- pressing them together in a reflexive effort to intensify the electrifying pleasure she was feeling. Bhushan was having a hard time too -- literally. His cock was trying to break free from the confines of his underwear and trousers. With all of the suspicions he had about this party, he certainly hadn't expected anything like this. He sensed his wife fidgeting next to him as he watched the beautiful young bride on stage slowly unzipping the groom's fly. Both Bhushan and Rakhi shuddered when the girl reached into the opening and withdrew the young man's naked, throbbing penis. It was a huge fleshy column in her tiny fist. The purple helmet-shaped head seemed to be swollen and glistening in the intense lights.
Slowly the bride began to pump up and down on his shaft. The young man groaned in appreciation -- throwing his head back and closing his eyes. A contented smile played across his lips. In response, the girl leaned forward and lightly kissed the slick, bulbous head of his engorged cock. Her bright red lipstick left a slight smudge on his meat as she leaned back and licked her lips as if sampling the taste of him. Then, suddenly, the young woman smiled wickedly and plunged down to engulf his solid shaft with her warm, wet mouth. Almost immediately, she began moving her head up and down with youthful
abandon -- as if she couldn't wait to make him explode. It was almost more than Rakhi could stand. Her nerve endings were already raw and overheated. She could feel her nipples swelling and scraping against the fabric of her bra, and she kept squeezing her thighs together in an effort to quench the burning sensations between her legs. She watched the girl's loose dark hair flying free as her head bounced up and down on the young man's lap. Without thinking, Rakhi reached her hand over to grasp her husband's thick, muscular thigh. Bhushan reacted by placing his hand over hers and urging it to move upward until she felt his pulsing tool in his tented pants. Rakhi wrapped her fingers around the steel-hard shaft through the cloth and began to rub him urgently. Bhushan returned the favour by placing his arm around his wife's shoulder and reaching down to cup one of her quivering breasts through her dress. He had no trouble finding the hard point of her sensitive nipple poking out from the fabric. He scraped his fingernail over the turgid nub causing Rakhi to gasp and arch her back. On stage the newlyweds were continuing their intense foreplay. The bride had succeeded in opening the man's pants completely and had pulled them down his hips slightly while she continued to devour his
huge pole with her sweet mouth. His rod was slick and shiny with her saliva, and she looked like she was starving for the taste of his meat. Meanwhile, he had unhooked the bra , and removed it aside, he reached in and helped her creamy breasts spill out into his big hands. She moaned with muffled delight around his cock as he began to massage and
knead her soft, jiggling flesh. His thumbs soon found her small pink nipples and he teased them without mercy -- rolling and pulling the sensitive tips between his fingers until she almost squealed. Bhushan and Rakhi continued to paw at each other -- getting bolder and more impassioned with each passing moment. They had almost forgotten about the other guests until a chime suddenly sounded in the room. Rakhi immediately felt panic in the pit of her stomach. Remembering the instructions to move to the next love seat to her left, she couldn't imagine sitting with someone she hardly knew in this
condition. "Oh Bhushan. . ." she whispered, "what should we do?"
Bhushan was having similar thoughts. The "entertainment" had seduced and carried them both away almost to the point of no return. What was expected now. . .for them to calmly continue to watch this wildly carnal display without acting upon the incredible urges they were feeling? Or was that the idea -- to build the couples to a fever pitch of sexual need that would turn the party into a wild orgy. He'd heard about things like this before, but Bhushan never expected he and his wife to ever be involved. Like Rakhi, he was confused and overwhelmed. . .that is until he saw 'T' standing expectantly in front of him.
"I believe this is where I'm supposed to be now. . ." The tall lady looked excited and flushed. Bhushan glanced back at Rakhi and immediately had wild visions of his wife with another man. He'd never considered it before and he didn't necessarily like the idea, but everything was happening so quickly and his throbbing cock suddenly made the decision for him. "It's OK, dear. . ." he heard himself say. "We better do what the man said." Rakhi looked bewildered and a little frightened as she slowly rose to her feet and watched T slide quickly into her seat. Somewhere behind her on the stage she heard moans and deep sighs as she awkwardly moved over to the next seating area where she found their friend, Damania, smiling and relaxed as he watched her approach. "Enjoying the show?" he asked with a strange smile. As Rakhi nervously took her seat she looked back at the couple on the stage. The bride was now laying on the bed -- the pretty bra had been completely removed and her perfectly shaped breasts, tipped with bright brownish points, bounced slightly as she shifted and settled. The young groom was gazing down at her -- still grinning with pure lust -- as he quickly removed his vests and brief. The young woman licked her lips as she hungrily watched his large erection. Bhushan felt wave between his muscular thighs. "This is pretty damn hot, isn't it?" Rakhi heard 'D' whisper beside her. She had intentionally avoided sitting too close to him, but she felt him shifting next to her as they both stared at the stage. "Have you ever seen somebody do it right in front of you like this?" D asked. Rakhi cleared her throat and whispered back without looking at him, ", never. . .I never imagined. . ."
After he had removed his clothing, the attractive groom on stage placed one knee on the bed and reached out to effortlessly pull the scantily clad bride closer to him. Taking his time to tease the girl and his audience, he slowly moved his hands on her shapely legs. The dark- haired beauty smiled and cooed with pleasure as he hooked his fingers in her skimpy lace panties and began to pull them off. She lifted her hips slightly to assist him and soon she was completely nude and spread wantonly on the bed. Rakhi's heart was pounding inside her chest and she was having trouble catching her breath. She watched the young man lift the girl's delicate foot and then -- starting at her ankle -- he began to kiss and lick his way up her leg until he reached her tender inner thigh. . .just inches away from her soft, wet opening. Rakhi could feel her own warm juices soaking her tiny panties, and she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs -- causing the hem of her short black dress to ride up higher and higher. Seated next to the increasingly impassioned housewife, Damania Sullivan, or 'D', was no longer watching the performance on stage. He knew he had limited time before the chime sounded again and he wanted to make the most of the opportunity. This is what he had been waiting for -- the reason he had made careful arrangements to have Bhushan and Rakhi Gupta invited to the party. For quite some time Damania had secretly dreamed of seducing his friend Bhushan's innocent and comely wife. Now was the time to make his move. At the same time a few feet away, Rakhi's husband, Bhushan, was getting his own lessons in the art of seduction. 'T', the statuesque and tantalizing , wasted little time in cuddling up against her attractive new friend. As they sat together watching the newlywed couple pleasure each other, Bhushan felt another man's wife softly breathing into his ear as she whispered, "Oh, this makes me feel so naughty. . .would you mind if I played. . .just a little?" Bhushan jerked suddenly as he felt her hand grasp his and place it on her warm, soft thigh. She purred softly and spread her legs slightly -- pushing his hand higher until it slid under her dress. Instinctively Bhushan massaged her smooth tender flesh with his fingers. As he moved his hand higher, he could feel the warmth building and she parted her thighs wider to give him better access. Soon his middle fingertip brushed against the downy softness of her
pubic hair and then the puffy flesh of her vaginal lips. She was not wearing panties. T moaned quietly next to him -- encouraging him to continue probing.
Somewhere in his foggy brain Bhushan had a fleeting thought that what he was doing was wrong. But before he could process the idea any further, the lovely lady unzipped his fly and reached inside to grasp his throbbing manhood. The touch of her cool skin on his burning shaft caused him to groan and thrust his hips forward. All thoughts of turning back quickly vanished. Rakhi stared trance-like at the erotic sight before her. The young
groom on the stage now had the bride's legs spread wide and bent at the knee. Tossing her thick mane of hair from side to side, she panted and groaned as her lover lapped and swirled his tongue into the tight slit of her vagina while her hips pumped rhythmically against his hungry mouth. Damania had moved closer to Rakhi and gazed down at the lovely sight of her naked thighs squeezing together tightly and then relaxing repeatedly. Her saree and petticot had ridden up high enough that he could almost see the hidden juncture between her legs, but she was wringing her hands together in her lap preventing the dress from rising any higher. Watching her swelling breasts rise and fall with each ragged breath, he slowly reached his arm around her shoulder in a careful, casual manner so he wouldn't frighten or alarm her.
When she did not object to his advance, Damania lightly placed his hand on her knee -- again watching her closely for any resistance. But Rakhi was dizzy and almost drunk with desire. She heard the wet slurping sounds and the constant moans from the couple on the stage and she couldn't help imagining -- no, wishing -- that she was the one on the bed tangled in the naked, passionate act with the handsome young groom. She vaguely felt a hand touching and slowly sliding up her leg, but it didn't register in her lust-filled brain until she felt the hem of her dress being tentatively pushed aside. Rakhi instinctively looked down to see a man's hand lightly stroking her exposed skin. Then, with wide, glazed- over eyes, she dreamily looked up and tried to focus on his face smiling back at her. "Let me help you. . ." she heard him say. Damania shifted even closer to her small frame and reached down to gently take her hands and move them off her lap. While they both watched his movements, he carefully took hold of the bottom of her saree and gradually lifted the fabric up and folded it back onto her stomach -- completely revealing her wispy black panties. Damania took a deep breath. She was more captivating than he had imagined. The scant fabric did little to hide her feminine charms, and he knew he must have her. . .if not entirely now, then certainly before the night was over. On the other couch Bhushan leaned back and planted his hands on the cushion to brace himself. He watched the two young lovers on stage trying to send each other over the edge in a frenzied sixty-nine position; but between his outstretched legs, a gorgeous woman he hardly knew knelt in front of him greedily deep-throating his aching
cock. Her technique was fantastic as she swirled and stabbed her tongue around the sensitive head each time she lifted her lovely head with the jet black hair. Bhushan was in heaven until he remembered Rakhi. Whipping around to look to his left, his eyes opened wide and his mouth fell open when he saw what was happening. There was his conservative little wife with her saree and petticot bunched around her waist and her legs spread wide. Hovering over her was the large form of his friend, Damania, who had his hand buried in her panties -- obviously fingering her furiously. Rakhi stared straight ahead with unblinking eyes as her pretty mouth gasped for breath. Even several yards away, her husband could hear her pant and whimper helplessly. At first Bhushan was angry at the sight of his wife so openly engaged in sexual acts with another man. But soon he realized that he had no cause for resentment. After all, he had ...encouraged her to move to the next chair, and here he was doing the same thing with someone else's wife. No, there was nothing he could do about it now. Electric shocks jolted through Rakhi's small body as the man above her continued to plunge his fingers in and out of her drenched pussy. He had been so smooth in his conquest. Before she even realized what was happening, Damania had first traced the lips of her opening through the scant piece of silk between her legs -- then he moved his hand up and slipped it down inside. Fireworks went off in her head when his fingertip went straight for her erect little clitoris which he teased and stroked until she cried out in pleasure. Then he moved his big fingers lower and found her steamy, wet opening. Damania reached under and silently urged her to raise her tight, round buttocks so he could remove her panties completely. Cool air rushed over her inflamed sex as she leaned back again and waited breathlessly for the thrill of his touch. But it would not happen now. . .The chime sounded again.


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