Friday, June 27, 2008

First Time Story

Chance Encounter

First of all i will introduce my self. Hi, my name is kshitiz . I am 22 year good look, graduate (B. Tech) sex lover. This is my personal experience which i am going to share among you all. Since childhood(14yr) i always wished to have sex with the girls older to my age. But this was not possible for me at that time. Every time i just satisfied myself with my hands.But kahte hai na.. there is one for every one.. Story begins here :-

It was the time of December, i went back to my home as it was my sister's marriage. I was the only boy in my family. During these days my father was so busy. Di (sister) asked me to go to one of her friend "Naina's" home to invite her. She decided to go along with me but because of lot of relative she asked me to go alone. Now i will introduce Naina to you people. Oh my god ! She is the one and only one beautiful girl i have ever seen in my entire life. She was so sexy, smooth, and soft. She was a morden girl and keep herself look more and more attractive. Her body was well toned and the size of Boobs were like O my god .. incredibly big.. I bet one can't cover each wiht single hand. Her milky boobs were really attractive .. "huh ! Soch ke hi garmi aa jati hai." She was so fairy girl with lovely pinky softy lips. Always wished to suck them.

Being di's best friend Naina knows me very well but i had alwasy felt so shy to talk her frankly. I had not seen her from past 3 years so it was surprise for me. Finally i arrived her home came out of the car and had a look on my face. I rang the door bell, i was praying to god that she don't come to open the door but god did't did my favour. I saw a pretty sexy beautiful 24 year old girl in shorts and t-shirt was standing in front of me... yes yes !! you are right. she was Naina ! My heart Beat as fast as anything.. I was so nervous but she terminated all my nervousness in first statement... She shouted like Hritik roshan came in front of him. she said," o o o o , wat a pleasent surprise kshitiz. How you are here ? You were in Banglore , when you came back and many questions at a single statement." She called me inside the house and asked me to relax.
She bought sncks sweets coldrinks tea etc. I asked her," where is Aunty and Uncle". She said, They are out of station and come after two three dayz. Suddenly my internal evil woke up and started thinking to fuck her. But i have to controll my self right now atleast for some time.
She was not alone in home a kamwali bai(maid) was doing some work but just after 15 min kamwali said , dede mai ja rahi hoon bahar mausam kharab ho gya hai shayad tufan ayega... then she left the home.
Now, Only me and Naina was there in house in the room. Slowly slowly it was 11:30 pm and weather was still not good. She forced me to stay in her home as she was behaving like she is my big sister. I also wanted the same thing so accepted her proposal to stay.
After discussion about family she came to my hostel life. She was changed as to before. She frankly asked me Khitiz tumhari girlfriend to hogi na ? I was shocked. I said no ! She said oh ! sharmao mat tumhari didi se nai batongi. I said, No i don't have any girlfriend. After some more discussion i also got frank with her. I asked her if she has any boyfriend, she replied yes! but now she is single. i asked her why ? she said, just because he got whatever he wanted from me.
I said, i didn't get you naina ! she said, don't be so kiddish he left me after having sex ! Oh It these words made me feel sad as i always loved her. We stop the discussion here ! It was 1:45pm. To break the ice I switch on the tv and started scanning the channels. Thankfully I came to a local channel of cable wala and some XXX movie was there on the screen. I suddenly changed the channel and started behaving like as if nothing happened. Suddenly Naina asked, get back to the previous channel, i was so shocked i said thats not a good movie , there is something adult being broad casted. She replied, are you not an audlt ? I got her clue and said as you wish and shifted to that channel it was a hardcore movie in which a girl was sucking the dick of a boy. We both were watching and my 8 incher got rock hard. Suddenly there was an elericity faiure in the area. and it was dark inside the room. We both were quite, I was so excited ....
get to go now ... will update soon .. bye

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